Video : Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense by Franklin Joseph

Check out the krav maga video of our Franklin Joseph Krav-Maga Self-Defense Academy, Bangalore, India teaching Israeli Self Defense tactics along with Ninja Kubaton Self Defense tool conducted by Guru Franklin Joseph.

Learning:Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore – Israeli Self Defense and Combat Martial Arts

Organised by: Franklin Joseph Krav-Maga Self-Defense Academy

Conducted by: Safety Specialist Guru Franklin Joseph

Combat Drills : Punching in Franklin Joseph Krav Maga, Bangalore

Drills to concentrate on fast hard to block straight punches

Obstacle Course : Ground as well as stand-up

Learning how to protect yourself in confined spaces

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga on the roads

Dealing with uneven terrain of a real life environment

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Psychological Drills

Adapting to the stress and fatigue of a intensive combat workout