Franklin & Krystal Joseph teaches Krav Maga to Karthika Nair NEET Topper, c/o Unacademy

Watch a teaser video of Franklin Joseph & Krystal Joseph teaching Krav Maga Israeli Military Self Defence system to Karthika Nair NEET Topper, c/o Unacademy.

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The experience of instructing Ms. Karthika Nair, NEET Topper 2021 c/o Unacademy was an exceptionally enlightening & intriguing for both Specialist Guru-ji Franklin Joseph, Founder – Indian Institute of Strategic Threat-Intelligence Analysis & Combat Tactical Science & C.E.O., Ms. Krystal Joseph. On 17 December morning, they got a call from Mr. Neetin from Unacademy group mentioning them to go along with them direly in a video shoot showing Krav Maga Self Defense to Ms. Karthika Nair, NEET Topper, 2021 coordinated by the instruction association Unacademy. They were given a taxi and they began from Dharwad, at 6pm and arrived at edges of Bangalore – Magadi at 3 am in night. The Joseph’s were given a stay in Nature Inspires for the evening and in morning, the two of them joined the Unacademy group in the shoot area close to a little slope. The video shoot was fun and the group wrapped up by 4pm and both Mr. Franklin Joseph and Ms. Krystal Joseph quickly left for home in a similar taxi.

The most intriguing feedback that day was from Ms. Karthika Nair, NEET, Topper 2021 who was astonished and dazzled by Israeli Military Krav Maga Self Defense strategies. She cited “I never realized Self Defense can be so logical & simple to advance particularly for somebody who isn’t huge or strong.” Specialist Guru-ji Franklin Joseph & Krystal Joseph were there to assist with advancing Girl Safety Empowerment & Girl Self Defense Wellness Education Workshop with school & universities in future, as numerous different young ladies like Ms. Karthika Nair would be taught enough to forestall, keep away from & get away from real life crime.

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