Photos-2 : 5-6 October 2013 Dandeli Boot Camp

We had a great first day. After an rain drenched Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense training in the slippery mud, we went to the backwate of deep in Dandeli jungles for a long trek. But due to rain, we had to take a boat ride instead which was very picturesque and calming. When the night fell, we started our Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense blind training in the darkness of the jungle. And after dinner, we designed weapons created from jungle materials. Next day, we had a early body conditioning & pain threshold drills followed by hardcore Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense combat tactics. And we finished the day with some more primitive weapon creations for water hunting.

Photos : August 2013 Krav Maga Self Defense Classes1

This Photo Gallery shows, our Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Academystudents pushing ouelves in training Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense tactics with many veions of punching bags drills focused on making us aware of multiple attackers and uncontrollable scenarios. We finished with ATM robbery scenario tactics where we practiced how to defend ouelves after being pushed into a wall or ATM.