Vamsi Komaragiri: My POV on Krav Maga Self Defense Combat Training

“Every boy likes fight scenes in movies and apes them and then gets hurt and feels like a hero or something. I grew up from that too and my innate nature of passion to learn self defense and martial arts still remains. I was a white belt in karate in primary school and then I stopped and again learnt a little in high school and earned a yellow belt. That’s it. I still respect Karate though.

[] [Post] That is the past. Now I grew passion for the military, real self defense and combat training. I googled “best/efficient self defense martial arts” and got Krav Maga on the top lists as No.1! I saw some videos and then wanted to learn. I googled again for Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore and to my surprise and rare luck I found it!

Let me start with my first impression. I went there expecting it to be like a small wanna-be martial-arts place. But, no, to my surprise, I found a very professional self defense academy, aptly named Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Academy, where some guys were punching bags and fighting with each other throwing real blows to the face and real hard kicks, while Guru Franklin Joseph was shours ting the count for the bag punchers, with surprise push ups and sit ups in between for everyone. He knew I was the new guy and first thing he said was “Drop in” or “Fall in” I think. That’s it, I knew he was the right guy and was like some retired military or spec ops guy. Later I found out, he had actually given training to Police and Military Commando’s. For even for us it was intense training. First 2 weekends, I had sore muscles, bruises, bleeding, cracked knuckles, whole body muscle aches, but I know on the street no-one would be merciful with me, learning to deal with violence would be part of survival tactics.

I loved it anyway. Why? Because this was the real deal. The confidence that you can handle any street situation improves. The stress levels seem like “Hey, it was nothing. I was fine the right next second!”. You DO get scared to get hit, but that’s the point. You get used to it like swimming. I never knew how far I could push myself till I got into Krav Maga. You dont need strength, or a big body, or any weapon. You need the right mind. All the tactics and techniques are practiced to settle in your muscle memory so it becomes an involuntary action when you need ot use them. The mind is what you train really. keep calm, be aware, avoid as much damage as possible. Anger? It’s natural. So what do you do? Control it. That is what we learn here.

And right after I joined training, I told my experiences to my close one’s and one of them wants to join after her exams are done. Women and children are the most vulnerable on the streets. A mini bootcamp for civilians and teenagewith all the workshops we have every month along with training makes us a human weapon for real!

If you want to defend yourself, feel confident on the street, stay calm and act right, save yourself and others around in dangerous situations, and have the passion to learn real defense techniques, then this is the place for you. Pain is not something you are afraid of here. Pain is just an other feeling. That’s what makes you want to go there and train more. Pain is gone at one point.”

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