Quotes : Rohan Bera : “Great place for learning self defence”

Why I joined Krav Maga

I always wanted to learn martial art since I was a kid. I learnt some karate when I was in school for 3 months. But never got time for anything after that. I researched about the good martial art classes in Bangalore and found ‘Krav Maga’ classes. I got to know its less time-consuming to learn than most of other martial arts. As I don’t get time all the time, it was a better option for me.

The challenges I faced when I first started

My stamina was really low when I first started my training. My punches were not so powerful. But I gained my stamina and power after some months of training.

Interaction with the Guru Franklin Joseph

Our instructor Frank sir is very friendly with the students. We have lots of fun with him, but can be strict if necessary. He always tell us about his own training experiences to encourage us.

My experiences of the Krav Maga class

I joined ‘Franklin Joseph Combat Academy’ in March 2013. I’ve been training for 4 months now. Frankly saying, i am really very grateful to join the class. It’s a great place to learn practical self-defence, build stamina n release some stress from our daily routine. Frank sir makes us use different kind of ambience and elements to build up our mind to be always alert in different situations. The training is very intense But is not all about fighting n seriousness. We do have a lots of fun in class as well. We make fun of each other sometimes while fighting. It’s a good place to make some friends also.

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Academyis a great place for learning Krav Maga Israeli Self-defence in Bangalore. Boost your mind and stress busting. I am very lucky to be a part of this elite group.

My personal goal in Krav Maga

I want to build my stamina and want to learn some practical self-defence when I can use if I get attacked on the street or somewhere else. And of course want to protect my family / friends from these kinds of attacks.

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