Siddarth: Krav Maga Training with Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Academy

Most times in our daily news we find hundreds of violation reports referring to physical assault, robbery and various heinous crimes.

[] [Post] Thours gh we manage to glimpse most of these interesting topics, we underestimate the whole reason of this information. Which it primarily intends is to make us aware and cautious about such occurrences and if possible avert further episodes. Now coming to the topic, how many of us urge to bring the change? Thours gh dreaming about becoming heroes is one easy task which most people and even kids do, it takes painstaking training and the heart of the lion to stand to what u felt right and do the necessary. This is the one and only definition f a hero. Well the value of such instance will only be comprehended when u or your close ones face such crisis. Well, the question now is….are u foolish enough to take your chances with life? Will u believe that it wouldn’t happen to u? Are u optimistic or foolish?

Man over time has evolved into to brain exerciser rather than physical. This evolution though generally takes millions of years ; we are trying to squeeze in the development in a couple of decades. How would our body take such pressures? The transition from a hunter to a thinker is still in progress and would be beneficial if we could balance our activities. Aren’t we done proclaiming ourselves as couch potatoes, lazing our time around with junk food and cola, feeding excess fat into our waist.
These thought s bought me to the realisation of martial arts, which I always dreamt of. This one in particular – Krav Maga training sessions, impressed me. This is one intense training which serves one whole purpose- to save ourselves and to stand tall. These classes held during weekends was one escape for me from everyday worries, and distress.
It’s high time we stopped tripping on page 3 parties and models and cinema artists. Realise that bad things never happen to them, like the saying goes… God is always with the rich and powerful.. and if u not in the Forbes listing then u better be prepared and be responsible for risks u take to be oblivious of life saving techniques.

At Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Academy’s Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense training, I was highly influenced and fortunate to be trained under – Guru Franklin Joseph, who we refer to as sir…not as respect to his age, rather years of gaining knowledge in this field and willing to teach us such live saving manures. What surprised me was his intense dedication to propagate the knowledge among complete strangers. This one feeling of selflessness is such rare and deserves to be experienced.

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