Jay Kay: Krav Maga helps developing a survival mentality

Krav Maga or in English Contact Combat. With all due respect to other martial arts/combat sports, we don’t do Bruce Lee style 1 inch punch or Tony Jaa style flying kicks.

[KravMagaBangalore.in] [Post] What we do is pure and simple. Its easy to learn as it uses the body’s natural reaction/posture to defend against attacks and most importantly counterattack simultaneously. Its not only about the physical aspect of combat but also developing a survival mentality.

My instructor Guru Franklin Joseph always tells us, “A donkey can kick! What’s the difference between you and a donkey, if you can just kick!”. He always insists that we learn more than 100%. If we learn a technique, we practice it for the entire class until perfected. And at the end of the class, we not only have to demonstrate but also answer a lot of “why” questions.

And the most interesting thing is he keeps changing the surrounding and situations of combat. If someone’s got an arm injury we learn how to defend with one hand, sometimes blindfolded combat, sometimes in a park on the the ground. We never know.

Although its tough and physically demanding the fun we have has made us form a brotherhood. I can safely say “A band of brothers”! I’ve been training since May 11 and am looking forward to a lifetime of learning.

Plus now we have got new training on Non-Lethal Pocket Stick Ninja Kubaton Self Defense, Knife Fighting and Collapsible Batons etc. Jay Kay

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