Gurmukh Singh: Krav Maga is intensive and very practical for the street scenario’s

The Krav Maga classes conducted by Franklin Joseph Sir are intensive and very practical for the street scenario’s. It feels great to have a teacher like him, with lot of experience, not just studio experience, but a lot of experience and skills nurtured on the street.

[] [Post] He taught me lot of things like calmness, footwork and shock factors r, which is a must on the street. The classes are right for anyone, who want to gain confidence and learn real Self defense on the street. It may not look fancy like other Martial arts, but it is highly effective. One of the most important thing i like about the class is postmortem of all the scenarios covered in the class, how can we improve on them.

As a person, Guru Franklin Joseph Sir is a very nice and a humble man !!

Gurmukh Singh

Excerpt from Guru Franklin Joseph

Whenever I say, that you cannot bullshit clients anymore, Gurmukh Singh is a perfect example of such a practitioners. He has been actively participant in various martial arts learning from various teachers. Yet, in the class, he is calm, patient and keen observer trying to learn as much as possible. There have been various exchange of information between Gurmukh comparing various tactics of different martial arts, but what strikes me the most is that he has a healthy respect to Krav Maga tactics and he knows what role it has in his training. Good to have Krav Maga practitioners who forces his teacher to keep two steps ahead of himself. 🙂 — 

Guru Franklin Joseph is a Israeli certified Senior Civilian Instructor of Krav Maga Bangalore, an Israeli Elite Military Self Defense Combat system Mixed Martial Arts with no-rules, battle-tested, fast-paced, reflex-action based tactics dedicated to no-holds-barred combat for the purpose of street survival practiced in real life scenario based training.

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