Nyjil Joshi: “Biggest victory is not in beating up a person but in avoiding a conflict from arising”

Nyjil Joshi

Krav Maga Practitioner, Associate Manager

Its been 2 years since I became a Krav Maga practitioners and when I look back what a wonderful fruitful journey it has been for me as an individual. Initially I was attracted towards the statement said by Grand Master Imi Sde-Or “…. So that one may walk in peace.”. Yes this was the one reason I started training in Krav Maga Bangalore. I value peace, but to have peace we need to prepare for war. Weak cannot find peace for that you have to be strong mentally and physically. Need to find the balance. Krav Maga is helping me in that quest for peace

Nyjil Krav Maga Bangalore[KravMagaBangalore.in] [Post] It has taught me the biggest victory is not in beating up a person but in avoiding a conflict from arising. But the world is cruel there are situations when reasoning does not apply. When you loved ones are in danger and when you become their last line of defense, it is a situation where you need to rely on something more than just bravery you need tactical training that can assist you in getting out of that situation better than a non-trained person. Krav Maga has taught me to handle intimidation, threat and other vices in a more practical and positive way. It is a no nonsense way of threat elimination. It is teaching me to never lose ones cool in a stressful situation but to handle the negativities in a more practical way. It has taught me fear is normal and ok thing to have but managing that fear to your benefit is the key. When nothing else works then its your right to protect yourself and then the lethal tactics needs to be implemented but again as a last resort. God forbid it will never happen. We are also blessed to have our Grand Master Vicky Kapoor keeping a watchful eye on us as a guardian and guide. All these is making me walk in peace I thank Krav Maga, God and Guru Franklin Joseph, my Sifu for the guidance in this difficult journey.

About my Sifu Franklin Joseph

Nyjil Krav Maga BangaloreDear Guru Franklin Joseph,

Your life speaks louder than any words I can describe. In-spite of accidents that nearly crippled you bounced back harder and has conquered everything that is thrown at you. Looking at you we get inspiration to keep visiting the dojo every week. Your guidance and words of wisdom are enlightening. They keep us focused on positive approaches to a problem. I do stray off sometimes but every visit to the dojo and I get reminded every time and I am slowly focusing back on the right path again. Your straight on the face talk about the harsh realities of life keep us sharp and self aware. I am happy about my decision to make you my Teachers. Please keep guiding.

One of the main aspects that I like about Guru Franklin Joseph training is his analysis on the scenarios how a particular sequence of actions can be used. His motivational talk and sharing of real life experiences also has helped us in mapping what we learn in class to the outside world. His approach to imparting the knowledge is as a guide and a mentor. All these makes be want to keep visiting the dojo every sunday morning. I am happy doing it. Now its become a way of life for me after 2 years of training under Guru Franklin Joseph.

With deep respect from the heart, God bless,
Your student

Excerpt from Guru Franklin Joseph

Guru Franklin Joseph is a Israeli certified Senior Civilian Instructor of Krav Maga Bangalore, an Israeli Elite Military Self Defense Combat system Mixed Martial Arts with no-rules, battle-tested, fast-paced, reflex-action based tactics dedicated to no-holds-barred combat for the purpose of street survival practiced in real life scenario based training.:

Nyjil, to be honest I, under-estimated your spirit. I remember the first day when you came for class, it was tough training that day and I think you fell sick also. But, today, I am amazed to see the progress in combat you have made. It would not been possible without the your extra determination, dedication, sweat, pain and hard work you put in your training. Whenever, we are taking the roll call, I see most of the people would have left, you would be there still sparring with Kunga or Swanand and you will test and polish your techniques. Even though, we all are quite hungry at that time, I always love to watch you practice and learn from you. You have been as usual, honest and straight forth in your options and feedback about our training, good or bad, a true testimonial to your personality. As we talked about last time, we both need to work on our arms strength, and we will use the sledge hammers to help us with this issue. We all have our mini-battles to fight in our lives, yet, we all come together for three hours every Saturday and Sunday, and kind of forget that battles, step into warrior shoes and fight an other battle with our fears and insecurities. You have shown me, that we can win these battles. Always going to be proud to call you as a friend and a comrade. God Bless. — 
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