Vivek Anavatti Satya Murthy: “Krav Maga came in Handy”

Krav Maga Practitioner Mr. Vivek Anavatti Satya Murthy

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I’m so glad I took krav maga classes with you. The training came in handy yesterday 🙂
Yesterday night at about 10.30, I was returning home from office. I was riding my motorcycle.
Traffic signal was green for me and I was crossing the road when two guys in a scooty jumped the red signal and suddenly came in my way.
I gave them a verbal abuse and continued my way. After I had gone some half kilometer, I heard someone shours ting at me.
It was the guys in the scooty and they had chased me all the way!!
I stopped my bike and both of us got down and abused each other for a couple of minutes.
I then realised that the guys were drunk. One of the guys threatened me that he knows that locality well and he will make sure that I don’t travel in that area again. He even tried to snatch my bike keys.
I threatened him back that I know the police inspector of that area and I will make sure he spends a month in jail. Then suddenly he tried to slap me.
It was too sudden for me and I could not block it properly. He tried to slap me a second time and this time I was ready. I blocked him and pushed him away.
I wanted to punch him on his throat,but I has holding my helmet with my other hand. But anyway I wanted to put that helmet in his face 🙂
But then I was not sure how much the situation might escalate if I threw in that punch. Already a crowd had started to gather.
Since I had never been in such a situation before and I was alone, I was not sure what to do if the situation escalates too much.
What if the guy was not bluffing and he called some 10 other guys to help him?
What if someone calls the cops and then they might haul us both to the police station.
I felt it was not worth all that risk and trouble.
So I told the guy that if he follows me, I’ll call the cops and I just left the place.
Krav maga training was really useful in giving me more mental strength than physical techniques.
I knew I could kick his ass if I wanted to. This confidence itself helped me to keep my calm and not be intimidated by him.
I knew if I panicked and gave in, half the battle was lost.
Krav maga also helped my sharpen my reflexes.
I also realized that on the street, it is a lot more difficult to use the techniques than in the class 🙂
If I wanted to knee the guy’s groin, I could’nt have done it since I was too close to him and there was not enough space for that move.
I could’ve stabbed his face with my keys or a pen 🙂
I’m pretty sure this incident is not the last one I’ll encounter, since accidents and road rage are so common in Bangalore now.

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