Anonymous “Are we safe? I was robbed at knife point in broad daylight near ATM machine”

Written to me by one of my student

Robbery, You read about happenings like this in the papers, you watch it on the news, you even hear about it from your friends, but only when your mugged do you know what it really feels like.

When your stopped on the street by an average looking guy, who might even look like you asking for help and then grabs hold of your collar and has his crude knife at your neck, only then you know what it feels like to be helpless. Well this is what happened to me, returning home from an event, I stopped over to pick up some cash to pay my house rent, when I was mugged.

[] [Post] The guy had a crude knife to my neck in broad day light, no one came to my rescue while I was being robbed and I felt I was at my most weakest point. Do I save my belongings, my one month’s hard earned salary or do I save myself. Well that was a very hard choice to make and I was forced with the latter. I was robbed of everything, my salary, my fire-fox bicycle and my watch.

And never have I felt so broken and helpless, it took me a while to even digest the fact that it happened to me, I felt rage and helplessness together. I swear I could have hurt somebody or at least myself for having allowed myself to be mugged.

Till I came across Franklin Joseph Combat Academy teaching Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense and sent Guru Franklin Joseph a e-mail, I was in training the following sunday at eight.

It started with an intense warm up session, which pushed me beyond what I thought I could. Sir broke it down step by step, where we were first thought that nothing in life is more valuable than your life. We went to to first learn how to walk a away from any situation which might arise. The group was then made to understand the psychology of being street smart.

We followed it with defense training and basic art how hoe to punch and punch we did, till our knuckles were sore and what a feeling it was. It made me feel stronger in mind, my spirit was on adrenaline overdrive.

Most importantly what I learnt was, you don’t always have to be a hero but you can live to see the tomorrow one more time.

Krav Maga thought me discipline and survival, though it was my first class, I have learnt that might is not always right, but now I can kick you were it hurts the most and I can live to tell the tale.

Call Guru-ji Franklin Joseph