Abhijeet Kulkarni: “I am Physically / Mentally Stronger, Confident Responsible Warrior”

“He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.” – Sun Tzu – The Art of War

Abhijeet Kulkarni: The history of our civilisation has and is characterised by a war for survival. Attack and self-defence, fight or flight are the key responses of all animals, including Man to threatening stimuli.

As a martial arts aficionado, I have always been fascinated by the art of fighting. This fascination drove me towards learning Krav Maga at Franklin Joseph Combat Academy two years ago.On my very first day,the sheer energy and enthusiasm within the studio and the motivational training by Guru-ji (Sir in Hindi language) Franklin Joseph convinced me that I had made the right decision to learn this art at the right academy in Bangalore.

Out of the few people who have heard of Krav Maga, a large majority of them believe that all Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore practitioners need to be large and muscular. However, this art of combat is more psychological than physical. It entirely depends on the limits to which one is willing to push one’s body to.

An amazing part about the training is the Guru-ji Franklin Joseph feedback/lecture session, where one gets to ask questions about the tactics and even suggest possible variations. This forms an important part of the class since it gives one a chance to revisit the tactic step-by-step. It is here that one gets to notice the reasons behind the different attacks, defences and movements.

In light of the horrific attack in Delhi, a bus workshop was organised by Guru-ji Franklin Joseph last month. This gave each and every one of us the chance to understand the stress involved when it comes to fighting in a bus. It was also an excellent opportunity for us to adapt and alter the basic Krav Maga techniques from an open to a confined space.

We had adrenaline-pumping drills, strenuous weapons classes and skill-sharpening games – all this served with humour-laden training tips from Guruji. However, with fun, there is also rebuke and injury involved. I have lost count of the number of times Guruji Franklin Joseph scolded me for my “filmy” fighting during my first couple of classes. There has not been a single time when I have walked out of the studio without any cuts, bruises or swellings.

However, these are the times when one’s resolve and strength are truly tested. At the end of two years, I have become physically and mentally stronger, more confident, more aware and most importantly, being a responsible warrior. Now, leaving for Australia, I will put in use the knowledge of not fighting when provoked, cherish the experience and warmth received in Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Academyand follow the principles Guru-ji Franklin Joseph shared.

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