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Bengalureans are proving to be an enterprising lot as they enroll in droves to workshops, focused on various issues. Nabendu Gupta, who holds seminaon team-building, believes that local youngsteare interested in personality development. “They are very enthusiastic, which is a pleasure to see.” Nabendu believes that the skills taught here are invaluable, “We focus on how to take a group of people and turn it into a team.”

[] [Post] There are also workshops that cater to aspiring entrepreneurs. Mukta Darera, who recently held a seminar on restaurant management says, “We get mentowho talk about factors like license registrations, regulations and concept building.”

Shwetha Prakash, a student who attended the seminar says, “I thought all I needed to open my restaurant was money. The course was an eye-opener.” She adds that youngsteare attracted to these seminabecause, “you meet like minded people.”

Those who enroll are also taken to a restaurant to learn about book-keeping and handling kitchen staff — practical advice which is greatly appreciated.

There are also workshops on self-defence. Franklin Joseph, who teaches Krav Maga in Bangalore, an Israeli self-defence technique, says that he has many youngsters, notably women, who attend. “The crime statistics in India is frightening and professionals who commute at night want to feel secure.”

Kunga Tenzing Wanguyal, an IT professional says that Krav Maga is about, “honing your natural instincts and getting away from a sticky situation. Workshops can help you develop a broader world-view too.”

Most seminacost upwards of 1000, but youngstefeel it is money well worth spending. “The workshops on Krav Maga lets you test your capabilities,” says IT professional MK.

But Kunga warns that not all workshops are created equal. “When people identify a demand for such workshops, the market is flooded with ‘experts’ who are just in it for the money.”

Suneesh Surendran, a project manager, says that the market is overrun with management seminars. “A lot of them are unimaginative and boring. It comes down to what you do with the information you have received. But ultimately you are the key.” And you don’t need a seminar to tell you that.

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