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That pretty much sums up what one knows about this new martial art form. But it seems to be the latest buzz, everybody wants to do it, everyone else is opening up a Krav Maga Center to train all those others who want to do it. There are reams of articles written about it and miles of TV programming on propagating it….But what is it??

Maybe the question to ask is how it helps you!

[] [Post] Imagine going for a nice dinner with your partner, romantic lights, warm music, great food, cozy weather outside…you two decide to take a long walk post dinner. And suddenly a goon jumps out from the darkness and flashes a knife at you. He’s not only interested in your valuables but is also intent on causing both physical and psychological damage. What do you do? Freeze with fear? Beg and plead with evil intent? Call the cops? Shours t for help? Maybe you cooperate with the goon, but he anyway slashes your partner’s face and scaher for life and stabs you, leaving you grasping for life.

This is not an implausible scenario; it has happened many times in our beloved city and will continue to happen. Normal everyday things have become potentially dangerous for one’s life and limbs, let alone the valuables….withdrawing money at an ATM, traveling alone in an auto or a cab, walking in a park, going to a pub, even staying at home!!

It’s exactly for handling such real life situations that Krav Maga was created. It’s not as much a style or system of martial arts as it is a way, a thought, an approach…the basis of Krav Maga is simple “Don’t get hurt”. It assumes that in a real life situation, no quarter will be given, just like the goon in our story above. So it trains one to do whatever is required to get immediate situational advantage and to hurt the opponent with rapid, mixed moves. It also trains on using whatever is available at hand as an offensive weapon, maybe even a pen! Offence is the best form of defense. Krav Maga is for very close ranges of combat, which is what most street and real life situations are all about. Even the name “Krav Maga’ means “Contact combat” in Hebrew. It not only teaches self defense, but also gets one super fit with its focus on physical training and repeated muscle usage. Krav Maga uses a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises as part of the training program. So one feels good and looks good too! In Bangalore, Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore is headed by Guru Franklin Joseph. Call him at 9886769281.

So step out and find yourself a Krav Maga center in Bangalore, learn the way of the close combat and know that you can protect yourself and your loved ones from evil intent.


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