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It’s never too late to learn a how to defend yourself — after all, the streets aren’t getting any safer

You could be petite or small-built, but never underestimate what your body can actually do. And that goes even for the women. The world isn’t getting any safer and one of the best ways to protect oneself is to learn a form of art that will come handy when you’re in trouble. From judo, karate, kick-boxing, kalari — there are plenty of options. Even a form that has its roots far away in Israel like Krav Maga is fast-gaining popularity in Bangalore.

[KravMagaBangalore.in] [Post] Krav Maga enables you to defend yourself without having to use a weapon.

Franklin Joseph, a certified instruction of Krav Maga Bangalore, has been training 200 people and most of his students are women. “It is important for women to learn this more than the men as they can defend themselves better during a blind-attack situation as they kick and punch their way through the brawl. This form of martial art also instills confidence and improves a person’s body language,” he says.

Many women have secured themselves from the fear of being attacked and harassed by kicking and punching away in Krav Maga style. Franklin Joseph has been trained by Vicky Kapoor, chief instructor, Krav Maga, India, who has also trained Abhay Deol for his upcoming film.

“My tryst with Krav Maga began while I was living alone in Delhi, since it was an unsafe city. It was when I met a few army officewho told me about this martial art that I developed a passion towards it and finally turned into my profession,” says Franklin Joseph.

There is no specific criterion required to learn Krav Maga and Franklin Joseph says, “There is no strength factors involved in this form.  Krav Maga does not mean getting into a fight. Instead, it works as a stress buster that helps you get away from it.”

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