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Yesterday, we explained how women can use simple things to counter attack when in danger. In the concluding part of our series, Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore expert Franklin Joseph tells you how to arm yourself if you get caught in precarious situations. Be it on a crowded street, at your workplace, or even in a cab on your way back home.

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Situation 1

You are walking on the road and suddenly a car stops, few men grab you and try to pull you in….

[] [Post] If they grab your hands

  • Do not get into a push-pull situation as they would be stronger than you and could overpower you.
  • Bend down a bit and stand on your side with your legs little wider apart so that they would take more time to pull you in. Do not face them or away from them where you are most likely to lose balance.
  • Use your other hand to grab your own fist and push your elbow towards him, twisting your hand.
  • After you are free, you can hit him on his face with a closed fist.

If they hold your clothes or purse

  • Use your knuckles (like you are knocking on the door) to hit the palm of the person.
  • Do not try to hold on to your duppata or purse if they grab it, let go of them and run away.

If they hold you close

  • Hit the groin if your arms are caught up.
  • Stomp his feet.

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Situation 2

If the men have managed to bundle you into the car and pin you down…

  • Always try rolling to your side so that you will be in a position to kick the culprits.
  • Keep kicking and try to crawl out of the other side of the door.
  • Use the seat inside the car as the tool to lie down and kick hard repeatedly while look for things like pen, rolled-up magazines or anything hard inside the car that can be used as a jabbing tool.
  • Aim for the driver’s eyes or try twisting his head or pressing his nose so that he could stop/slow down the vehicle.

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Situation 3

When you are walking on a busy street and two men try to grope you.

  • Always keep your purse or bag closer to your chest while walking through a crowded street.
  • If you manage to catch the person, always shours t and scream, but do not hurl abuses at him or slap him else it would just create a scene and you might end up in a worst situation.
  • If he is in front of you and you can see a hand approaching, you can immediately use your palm to push against his neck’s cervical esophagus area, which is very soft, which can choke up the person.

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Situation 4

You are traveling in an auto rickshaw in a secluded stretch and suddenly the auto-rickshaw stops and two men barge in.

  • If two men are trying to get in, immediately start kicking one of the person’s knees or groin. Use your hands to jab the other person’s eyes or throat. Use your palm to hit his chin.
  • If the auto-driver grabs you from his seat then roll to the side and use your legs to kick his face.
  • If they have a weapon, and are asking for money, give them what they want. Do not abuse them and do not plead, beg or cry. Put up a confident front, but don’t try to threaten them.
  • Try to isolate these guys and then plan your escape by attacking one of them.

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Situation 5

You are the last passenger traveling in your call center cab. The driver suddenly stops and pounces on you.

  • If the driver grabs you from his seat, then use your legs to kick his face. There is enough space in the backseat of the car for you to lie down and kick with much force. Scream loudly as you are hitting him.
  • Lie down on the side which will prevent him from jumping on you.
  • If he grabs you, use your legs to kick his groin or knees
  • If he’s managed to get on top of you, use your hands to jab his eyes or throat.
  • Avoid sleeping in the car. A driver would notice that and would use it one day against you. Avoid calling or talking too much about your personal life — first you are giving away too much information about your life and he might assume few things about you which might not be true and secondly, while talking on phone you are not aware of your surroundings.

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Situation 6

You are working late in the office and there isn’t a soul around. Suddenly somebody creeps up on you…

  • Scream as loud as possible. If he clamps your mouth shut, use your strength to pull the hand down by leaning onto his hand with your body weight.
  • Bite hard.
  • Bend down slightly so that you can stamp on his feet with the heels of your shoes and then run.
  • If he tries to grab you by the waist then or sm other you from behind, bend down slightly so that he cannot lift you easily.
  • Stomp hard on this feet and then hit him on the groin. When folds up in pain, use your elbows to hit hard on his chin.
  • Use any tools you might have like pen, keys or umbrella to hit him in his eyes, throat or ribs. Scream and shours t seeking attention from others.

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Situation 7

You see your friend being dragged into the car by three men…

  • Do not try to grab your friend’s hand which would only prevent her from fighting back. Instead attack the guy. Go for his eyes, throat, thumb and groin areas. Do not hurl abuses or try to slap.
  • Try to concentrate on the facial features of the attackers like scar, the shape of his moustache and eyes brows. Write down the car number. Avoid crying or panicking as that would erase or cloud your memory. Call the cops.

Remember this…
Dr B L Gangadhar, HOD, Psychiatry, NIMHAMS and krav-maga instructor Frank J ‘Wolf’ say:

  • When you are being attacked, scream and create a scene to attract attention.
  • Instead of screaming ‘help, help’ scream, ‘rape, rape’. The latter invokes more sympathy of the bystanders.
  • If someone grabs you, you can’t (possibly) beat them with strength, but you can do it by outsmarting them. If you are grabbed around the waist from behind, pinch the attackers between the elbow and armpit or the upper inner thigh.
  • After the initial hit, always go for the groin.
  • When the guy puts his hands on you, grab his first two fingeand bend them back as far as possible with as much pressure.
  • Take a crash course in self-defence, martial arts or boxing. Carry pepper spray.

Profile of a rapist
When women are attacked they face moderate or high levels of involuntary paralysis during the assault, as it happens suddenly. It is violent and very stressful to her, thus shutting her mind down. “To some of the assailants, this action acts as an acknowledgment of consent from the woman,” says Ottilie Anban Kumar, Psychological Counsellor, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. Assailants can generally be grouped into following categories:

Around 44 per cent of all accused are in this category, where they will use a weapon to ensure the victim’s co-operation.

Here perpetrator is actually out to punish women as they hate women in general. Around 30 per cent of them belong to this category.

This is done in conjunction with an other crime such as burglary, robbery or kidnapping. Around 10 per cent.

The most vicious type, this type of culprits want the victim to be hurt or killed after rape. Fortunately, only five per cent fall into this category.

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