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Fighting Back

First introduced in New Delhi five years ago, Krav Maga teaches Israeli self-defence skills against armed street attacks and muggings, home assaults, car thefts and attacks.

It was introduced in Bangalore last years and over 75 citizens have enrolled for the course.

Anti-terror training capsule, designed by New Delhi-based Vicky Kapoor, director and chief instructor of International Krav Maga Federation, India, is the first of its kind in India.

[KravMagaBangalore.in] [Post] Bangalore: “Grenade!” shours ted Franklin Joseph, and the bunch of techies, a restaurateur and a homemaker jumped to the ground for cover and rolled over, shielding their bodies away from the impending blast. Thankfully, it was a mock drill and the grenade was only a tennis ball during a session on anti-terror training and hostage takeover survival skills introduced in city last week.

These Bangaloreans learning the techniques of Krav Maga, an Israeli military form of self-defence, in Richmond Town, prepare to cope with real crises. “As civilians, we cannot get into a hand-to-hand combat with armed terrorists. The least we can do is learn to survive with presence of mind, and use some formal training to save our skin,” says Franklin Joseph, instructor and in-charge of the Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore of International Krav Maga Federation, India.

“For example, if you are in a restaurant and an armed terrorist walks in and starts shooting randomly, your chances of survival are more if you throw yourself to the ground and roll away from the centre of the incident, instead of running and exposing your body to the gunman,” he says. The hostage-takeover survival module teaches you how to avoid confrontation with the captor if you are taken hostage, and how to behave and, yes, even talk to them.

“If I’m ever in such a situation, I know how to come out of it because my reflexes are faster, my level of alertness is higher and the techniques I’ve learnt are practical,” says Ashish Puri, product manager, Cisco Systems. Omer Basith, a restaurateur, & a Krav Maga trainee for the past one years believes in being prepared. “Who thought terrorist could come right to our doorsteps? Now, its up to us to learn to handle the situation as civilians.”

But Franklin Joseph cautions, “But better leave the real fighting to the experts!” This group has its own mascot, a crow which has a bird’s eye view of the training on the rooftop. They call him ‘Crow Maga’.

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  • T Murgan

    I guess the trainees should be made alert to a bomb/gun fire sound is played in the background. This is better than saying “Bomb”…..sure u need a playback source for that.

    By the way…in the article it is said “to roll away …” in a restaurant, u got tables and chairs…not that easy…and give more gripe for the killers to come forward and hunt! hitting to the ground seems great….anyway u got to crawl/hide if not run from danger in this case!

    After the mumbai incident, we all can learn…that if a problem arises…ppl want to rush to watch the events unfold. Since the tv stations may have learned their lessons not to air live, u get greater chances of ppl at the scene.

    God probid that anything to happen in the future….good to practice for uncertain events,,,training anyone?

    Take care all

    • VickyKapoor.com {KravMagaIndia.in}

      Yes, in a ideal training session, Frank, the in-charge of IKMF Bangalore chapter would have used real sounds of bombs or gun-fire. But his studio is a rented roof-top in middle of a residential area. So using such real sounds there, might create a panic of an actual terror attack amongst people living there not knowing such a drill is carried on a particular rooftop.

      Second, yes, you right rolling is not right, Frank actually asked his attendants what to do in this situation, and one of them suggested rolling and demonstrated it also. He corrected him that its not possible as it will have some furniture hence crawling would be a better idea. But sadly, the journalist did not write it correctly.

      Never-the-less, apart from this small mistake, she wrote a good article and brought the issue of training and upgrading our mind in forefront than just upgrading weapons.

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