Photos : Road to IIMB Unmaad Pit Stop : Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore Israeli Self Defense

On the Road to IIMB Unmaad event, one of the pit stop was Franklin Joseph Krav-Maga Self-Defense Academy teaching Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense system. The participants came in a bike to the location and were asked to learn Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense for 15 minutes. In Krav Maga Self Defense tactics, they learned

  1. Front one hand’s wrist grab release
  2. Front two hand’s wrist grab release
  3. Front single hand choke release
  4. Long knife machete attack defense

After 15 minutes were up, they were asked to do a three laps of intense running, rolling on floor and punching the bag till they were tried and then they were attacked by long knife, hand grabs and choke.

The instructors were Guru Franklin Joseph, and Swanand Lele, Vishwa Shettigar, Shreejit Gangadharan, Tilakji and Rohan Bera, senior members of Franklin Joseph Krav-Maga Self-Defense Academy, Bangalore. Thank you guys for a great event. 🙂

Photo Gallery of IIMB Pit Stop

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Academy, Bangalore teaching Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense

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