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Excerpt from Guru Franklin Joseph

At Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Academythis weekend we trained little bit on the streets as well as in the studio. Being on the streets makes the students expose to the realities of street self defense where things are not all the time perfect for your comfort. No rules and no regulations is something a realistic scenario based training gives a Krav maga practitioners a sense of reality and forces him to deal with his limitations.


[] [Post] Guru Franklin Joseph is a Social Entrepreneur & Women Safety Empowerment Specialist in Bangalore. He is also a Israeli certified Senior Civilian Instructor of Krav Maga Bangalore, an Israeli Elite Military Self Defense Combat system, an Mixed Martial Arts with no-rules, battle-tested, fast-paced, reflex-action based tactics dedicated to no-holds-barred combat for the purpose of street survival practised in real life scenario based training.

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