Christ University: Presentation on Krav Maga in India

Christ College, Bangalore

Mr. Huzefa Mustafa, final years literature students who are carrying out a research project along with his team members Mr. Anthony Joel, Mr. Shinto V.P., Mr. Michael P.C., Mr. Sudhir Chandrasekaran and Mr. Anil Augustine made a presentation on Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore in India.

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[] [Post] Presentation Date was: 13th February 2009
Presentation Venue:Basket Ball court, Christ College

Feedback from the presenters

In this day and age of hate, violence and intolerance, people do things without thinking and reasoning. It is necessary for one to protect oneself and other fellow beings against evils of humanity and spread the message of peace with love.This was a very relevant issue which motivated us to do a presentation on KRAV MAGA (ART OF SELF DEFENSE) through which we could help students to boost their morale and give them the hope and confidence that we can and have to fight injustice fearlessly, after the recent incidents which have taken place in and around INDIA.

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore was a medium through which we could spread knowledge and create awareness among students, about how one can defend him/herself by gaining control over one’s mind and body. It also helps one to develop self-confidence to face and help stop the day-to-day atrocities in our environment.

Some of the responses:

Really interesting demonstration, was very usefull too (Zeeshan, Final yr. Student)

Very enlightening and intriguing (Suman, II yr, Journalism Student)

Interesting and inspirational (Tamanna)

Superb demonstration and very informative, made me learn something new (Student)

Just what every girl needs living in a city (Student)

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  • Sudhir Chandrasekharan

    It was an amazing experience to have had you amidst us during our presentation, which made it even more better. It was truly inspirational. Thanks a lot!

  • Huzefa

    It was a pleasure having you with us Mr.Frank and making our presentation interesting and successful, at the same time spreading awareness and showing us the importance of KRAV MAGA! 😉

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