Franklin Joseph: “Most Self-Defense Martial Arts have no clue what Violence is, much less how it occurs”

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Being born in the slums of Delhi, I always considered that to be a curse. I was ashamed of where I was born in. My friends were muggers, eve-teaseetc. and I grew up watching them how they would go about to their business. Especially, when I joined school, I was ashamed of even mentioning that I was born in slum area Zamrudpur very near to a posh colony Greater Kailash of New Delhi.

[] [Post] Of course, now being a Krav Maga Self Defense Instructor, my past suddenly has a relevance, a very important meaning. Now, the knowledge of how a criminal mind works, actually helps me to educate my warriors.

What surprises me is that usually these Martial Arts classes that teach ‘Self Defense’ tactics do not even deal with ‘Violence’ of real life.

Violence means Pain, Pain means Fear; Self Defense training must deal with it

We have all heard Sholay dialogue ‘Jo Dhar Gaya Samjho Mar Gaya’.Criminals always will inflict pain and fear in order to control the situation especially when a crime is committed.

So any self defense training that does not deal with the emotional instability, psychological fear as well as physical pain is a pure waste of time and energy.

Violence has a distinct path, a start, a between and a finish, Self Defense training must teach that

Any violent act has a process of a start, between and finish.

Start of a criminal act is usually surprise and violent

Most of the tactics of self defense do not deal with the start of a violent act. They usually would teach some fancy trick in which there is no mention of surprise element or shock of the violent attack. Usually these part is avoided in training, as it not the popular section among the potential martial arts enthusiastic crowd. But skipping this part, makes the client venerable for such street oriented attacks.

During a criminal act, the middle will usually determine the outcome of the attack – fatal or non-fatal

Most the criminal act, it’s how you deal with the criminal would usually determine how the act would end, in your favor (that means you survive) or on a fatal or serious note. There also many factors like psychological fear, anger, frustration, anxiety etc plays a important part in determining how you showcase yourself to the criminal either as a victim or as a survivor.

End of a criminal act, another crucial point

Most criminals do not want to leave witness behind which can help identify the crime. So to survive most of these incidents of crime, one has to deal with such insecurity of the criminals.

I really wish ‘Self Defense’ would be have so easy so as to be dealt with few punches and kicks. Wish life all answer were so easy.

Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense deal with violence, shock, surprise with its realistic scenario based drills and tactics

Krav Maga is a relatively modern system of self defence. Therefore, it deals with contemporary weapons and violent scenarios. The goal of Krav Maga is to focus on finding solutions to the types of violent attacks students are most likely to encounter in their day-to-day lives. So instead of training how to defend against a person attacking you with a samurai sword, Krav Maga focuses on training you how to defend against guns, knives, and sticks. In addition Krav Maga recognizes that in the modern age a person needs to also be aware of the legal ramifications of self defence. Krav Maga trains practitioners to use only the acceptable amount of force required to defend themselves, thus protecting them from criminal charges and lawsuits. In order for any system of self defence to be effective in today’s society, it must take into consideration both the application of force and the legal use of force.

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