Reviews : Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Goa Boot Camp 2016


Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Warrior

WARNING: Spicy bad words used… 🙂

Guess where I am… so I’m sure I’ve informed you about Krav Maga, right? It’s a Israeli Self Defense system. I’m at Dharwad right now… there’s a Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense boot camp in Goa… we’ll go there pretty soon… abhi staying at Guru-ji Franklin Joseph mother-in-law’s place… the train reached here at around 3:30 PM night…
A lot many things happened before this years… let’s just talk about this trip…

Kaafi der se kuchh chup sa tha… shaant sa… not knowing what to do or who to talk to… probably after I was not selected in TVF write club, some part of me was pretty depressed… I felt I had done a decent job… anyhow, I won c-lab in office, and that was something I was pretty happy about… so, everything was going fine, still I dunno what was wrong with me… probably this is not the life I’ve wanted… ya jo bhi ho, pta nahi…

Neend bhi kuchh dhang ki nahi aa rahi thi… it was more like main roz aake so jaata hun bas… with or without feeling the need to…
But here, on a different bed, in Guru-ji Franklin Joseph mother-in-law’s place, I’m snuggled so cozily here… and this is really comforting… no, I’m not sleepy to be honest… but I feel at home… I don’t know many people here as they’re not from my Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense center… but still, it feels like I’ve already known them since long… loved the journey so far… and it’s just starting as of now… will spend a day here… then late night train to Goa hai aaj… have a great trip yar… take care… good night!

Same day, 8:05pm, Guru-ji Franklin Joseph Mother-in-law’s house
So, chutiya to main hun hi… aaj subha kuchh kuchh karte Maine apni back thukwa li… result: I’m lying on a bed since the afternoon, unable to do anything… in the hope that I’ll be fine till night when we catch our train to Goa… as far-fetched as that expectation is, I’m ready to take my chances and see what good can happen… if at all…
Fuck yar… what a time for the backache to kick in… I’ve been looking forward to this trip since its inception in June… and I hadn’t even dreamt that this will happen to me on the very first day… han, ek pal ke liye soch bhi liya ki life hai, ho jaata hai… but this has taken away my enthu completely… ok, don’t be so gloomy now…
When the limbs barely move, as is my case right now, the mind moves soo fast… there are numerous thought that come to your head, and make you feel disgusted about yourself…
Kya yeh gharwaalon ko na btaane ka nateeja hai? C’mon yar… stay logical at least… sometimes I wonder ghar pe bta doon abhi… but then, it’s the wot time to tell them… ki saale abhi bhi tune isiliye btaya kyunki tera bura hal hai… otherwise to tune abhi bhi nahi btana tha… that would be a pretty selfish act… so, nahi karenge bilkul bhi… tackle this on your own…

One thing I’d like to point out here… I’m feeling pretty bad as it is for ruining the fun of the rest of the students who have come for the trip… and specially Guru-ji Franklin Joseph family… I never expected this, but they are taking care of me like I’m a members of their family… and that is making me feel bad further… coz I’m an unnecessary burden on them… sorry for that, really… never wanted to pose this inconvenience on anyone…

And then, everyone is frequently coming up to me and asking me if I’m fine… it was fun conveying with everyone in the train yesterday… I taught them contact… but, what I’ve realized today is that everyone is pretty concerned as to how I am… which kinda makes me melt in gratitude and embarrassment…
We’re all people from different walks of life here… some software engineers like me, some school students, one mechanical engineer, one HR, one stock-market guy, and so on… the point I’m tryna make is that one common passion can make you bond pretty quickly… and that passion is our love for Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense system… since I’ve come to Bangalore, life has been pretty materialistic for me… The nuances of humanity that I’ve been expecting from people around me have not been seen by me in most of the people… all I see around me is mostly paise ka nasha, nashe ka pyaar… through that makes me feel bad that this was not I had imagined life to be, but theek hai, I can’t influence other people’s thinking… here, somehow, I’m happy that I’ve met humans… I look up to anyone who trains for Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense system simply because I feel that somewhere, they are helping the society… and somewhere, they were pretty hurt in life, due to some reason or the other… I dunno if I ever wrote about this… but, in my first Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense class, I had cried… and that too because, at one moment, I had hit Guru-ji Franklin Joseph slightly when he was hitting me for not getting the stance right… that was fit time I had cried since my second years in college… and that was quite liberating for me… I had let out in those 10 minutes, my frustration of the last 10 months… I didn’t actually know at that point what I was in for, but I just wanted to do it… and today, I thank myself that I did it…

But a lot more than that, there’s someone else who deserves a thanks… and that is Guru-ji Franklin Joseph… I’m pretty confident about myself today… the same peon who used to think he’s a coward for not fighting with that bully, can not casually ignore the situation by saying,” chutiya hai woh, chhod yar, kya ladega?”… And this is a big thing… an other reason why I’ve to thank him is for enabling me to meet all the awesome people here… well, each one of you is a really great peon and I wish I know everyone even more…
I wish, sir, you keep on inspiring more and more people and keep defying all the ghatiya norms of society…
Much respect sir!


Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Warrior


Krav Maga Boot Camp – Dharwad to Goa

Fit of all I called it as Roller coaster ride, Here how the ride started
After repeated instructions from my Guruji Franklin Joseph, I get on Uber (Discount coupon provided by Guru-ji) I was chasseing against time, because I am late to catch Train (Unfortunately my House shifting same day), Finally I Reached Yeshwantpur station. meantime Sid Called and asked me slowly “Sir, are you sure you’re coming to GOA??” (LOL)~, When I entered in railway station I saw the last boggy of train saying good bye to me…. your right I missed the train.
I remembered Guruji instructions never lose hope, Open My Red Bus App immediately, book the bus to Dharwad, Mean time I fell in love with Harley Quinn: Suicide Squad (yahh…She did own me), After reaching Dharwad a warm hug welcome from Guruji Frank, I felt little proud, when I see his eyes,

.. Lucky!!!!! Everyone is sleeping, I jump on washroom finished bath and rest of things, When I come back I saw Shreya, She said you made it (Yes I did Shreya), Subham Sir and me started Knife training sections, Then Krav maga entry By Rohith and said “Shuruuu hogaya….” After Breakfast preparations by us under supervision from Sharon Joseph Mam,

Sarvesh suffering…… L

I took initiative on Omelet Preparation along with my team; other people took on Bread toast and had yummy Breakfast, then stared Cardio and Intensive exercises on Green Hill at drizzling showers (Enjoyed..? This is very small word…** (Look at last Page),

(Veg – Non Veg)Lunch Time at Guruji M other in law house: Paneer Masala Mouth watering (Dam tasty & Tummy Full), 10 mins Rest, Later Went to ……. MaM farmhouse for planting trees on Dharwad Green Foundation (Arpitha remember 70% virtue is mine 30% is you) we planted 3 trees. (**)
Sarvesh still suffering……

Back to House… SURPRISED …… WHAT…? (**)

Barbeque (Chicken, Paneer and Mutton) (secret: Guruji observation on each and every peon psychologically factors, don’t know failed or Passed) I assume this is the test he pushed our limits he made us to wait till 11.20 at his home the train @ 11.45, Then rush to railway station here the team work worked very well, Helping each Other, successful get in the train.. Slept Well with Ramya Good Night wishes (Thank You)

Knock Knock.. Wake up call By Rohith Good morning, Felt little cold thanks to (Shiriya’s Hoody) and everyone say Good Morning Subham Sir (shubham laughing), I am sure he hates worlds Famous Hero that time…

Sarvesh FULL JOSH (Congratulations, I hope my old school technique worked on His Back Pain)

GOA is ON… GOA in ON (I Remember Chennai Express dialogue)

Day: 1
Long Ride on Greene Highway @ 100 speed felt like flying in the Air (**) Check in the hotel (Beautiful Pool) fresh n up & everyone having English breakfast, (Unfortunately) after 1 hours of my order (2 boiled eggs) he says it’s not boiled properly so we cancel the order, So everyone rush to beach play some beach volleyball (Actually it’s not, I don’t know what they called But that is Very Funny (**)), Later Navy seal training (Very Intensive), Sid got Injured,Everyone is little Scared but that Bugger is laughing and looking at us Like nothing was happened (Actually nothing is happened). Came out from beach attack on Ice candy’s (here ***) Played in pool and (actually we ordered Lunch, Later we realize its Dinner Time) Dinner, Test Time by Guruji : WE FAILED, Bit Emotional and learning Experiences (I Never forgot in my life)

Day: 2
Start with Uncle Ji and Aunty Ji LOL, After Breakfast Navy Seal Training, Thirupathi rolls and Revee Running on Beach, (Punching On wet sand (mixed with Sharp shell scrap) Sweet Memories, Heavy Lunch Pool Play, Here Swimming Guru : RAMYA, students, Arthi, Chandu and Crystal, They learn basics of swimming (Good Job Ramya), NIGHT : Dance floor (Basic Perfume Techniques by Guruji frank only me and subam.. Got lucky as Seniors), Everyone rocking except me, Someone danced come to near to me, I get on the Mood, I did well, Heavy Dinner end with Yummy Chocolate Brownie( Thanks to Arpitha for ordering ( Copied from her Order)) Then Truth and Dare, Funny and daring things including Truth

Day: 3
Wake up @ 10 am, Today is lazy day, finished Breakfast by 1, Tattooing section and Shopping Section, Shuvarma, Everybody little dull, not sure about (Goa or camp is Over) Funny thing to find Bus station get on the Bus, Long Night Conversations ( I missed games and night conversations (BANG TO DHAR)) Had Dinner, Listening Songs, Wake up at Tumkur, Slept Again,


Thanks to Everyone (GURUJI, Sharon, Crystal, Shubham, Shreya, SID, Ramya, Arpitha, Yug, Arti, Nikil, Nishanth, Sarvesh, Chandu, Two Brothers AND Aravind (It’s Me)

Thanks TO GURUJI FRANK for Amazing hospitality and love, Last but Not Least (Thanks Guruji M other in law for amazing Food)
——————————————- JAI HIND————————————————————————–
** Happy Freak-out

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