Franklin Joseph ‘Justice for Women India’ interview: “Need a new face of Self Defense”

Let’s not make Women Self Defense all about the which martial arts is best or better. The is secondary issue. What more important for instructoto change and really understand the issue from a women point of view. No, just having Women Self Defense instructois also not enough since they have not worked or understood a normal women trauma in her own world.

Work with women organisations understand the women limitations and her circumstances. Not just go and force his martial art on them. Even a instructor has a sister, mother, daughters and wife, so he must be true to the practitioners and not swear by his martial art. With this crime rate, four women out of five women would be affected by crime. So, it’s time to change the face of women self defense.

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Questions: Sakshi Kumar

1. What is self-defense?

[] [PostFranklin Joseph: Women Self Defense: Concept is Still Stuck in Stone Era. To most people, Self Defense still means Martial Arts or tricks taught in Martial Arts. Some crime against women is reported and few women join free self-defense classes. After a while everyone forgets and life is back to ‘normal’. Sadly, everyone actually believes that by ignoring this issue, it would never happen to me.

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