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So is there any end of all this crime, violence and abuse against women? Yes, read on.

Will just learning punches and kicks help women feel confident to defend against bigger, stronger guys?

[KravMagaBangalore.in] [Post] I have heard from many many women that they like their respective self defense classes. The so-called-attackers are partner or friends in class so they pretend to attack with little actual violence or anger present in an attackers. And with that animated standing stance of so-called attack, the women do the tricks and feel empowered enough that they can actually defend themselves. Good to them, good for the self defense class. But what is the real picture?

Are the women prepared to face the shock of an actual attack? NO

Are the women prepared psychologically to switch from a nice lady to an self defense practitioners  within milliseconds? NO

Are the women prepared to deal with the injuries and pain factors of a real attack? NO

Are the women prepared to prevent, avoid and escape instead of fighting with a man? NO

Are the women know how to deal with stress of the chaotic situation before, during and after the attack? NO

So, what are they learning? Punches and Kicks. And real street violence does not end in one punch or kick.

Best option of any women safety program is NOT to Fight

You DO NOT need to fight to prevent, avoid and escape BEFORE a threat. Awareness is the key.

The self defense system should be based on realistic scenario drills which teaches you how to prevent and avoid threats like chokes, grabs, attacks etc.

The tactics must be based on reflex action so you do not have to learn anything new that your body already does not know

The time frame of the training should be shorter in months not in years so you can balance your workout time with your life and work.

The system should be designed for NON-martial artists so factors like less strength, low fitness and bad flexibly is not stop you from learning

Training should be safe but real – not pretended where one does not know what shock and pain factors they will face on the street

And most important things is it Must be fun and empowering to deal with men. Usually such classes are all women or they practice with other women. If you never felt the threat by a man in class, how can you learn how to deal with that same feeling in the street. Do ask for a trail class in Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense training provided by Franklin Joseph to see if that best for your self defense needs. Call  Franklin Joseph at 9886769281

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