Guru Franklin Joseph: Questions for an Authentic Genuine Krav Maga center with Combat Experience?

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Lot of people call me to ask about ‘Self Defense’ training. Most of them have no clue what self defense training actually is. For them its karate kicks, Kung fu style and kickboxing name. They only equate them with movies styles and perfect bodies of the movie action stars. Nobody wants to think about the hard work and pain, just everybody want to learn it as fast as possible. First question they ask is How many days can I learn this? The question they should ask is how authentic and genuine is my training?

[] [Post] Nobody even cares to ask about the instructor quality of training or his experience in actual combat.  Anyway, here are some questions you must ask to see if you are spending your money in the right place to get the right knowledge.

1. How many days can I learn this ?

Sorry to be blunt, but lets take an example: if you ask a women how many days she would fall in love with and kiss you? There are two ways she can reply back.

  1. One tight slap and make you work very hard on your effort to get close to her
  2. Gives you a time period like one day or a month or so.

Of course, you know the second answer, means she is not a respectable women. Second, one is the right kind of women you should date!

Well, to be fair, self defense training is limited to some time period like we have 5 months but those five months we will train hard in realistic scenarios.

2. My instructor claims he is a Krav Maga Instructor

Check his/her certificates. Usually, an instructor will claim he/she knows something when he passes his exam. In Krav Maga, an exam can be taken within two days of training. Knowing the tactics of Krav Maga does not qualify him to start teaching it. Who do you want to learn from: A fresher down the block or an combat experienced teacher.

3. He has lot of degrees in other traditional martial arts and now he is teaching Krav Maga

Learning Self Defense does not mean you need to have martial arts background. Martial arts background can be a asset in getting respect and certificate but actually also learning curve as one who has learned rules and regulations have suddenly have to fight without rules.

Krav Maga is not a martial arts. Martial arts has rules. Martial arts is based on rigid katas.

A F1 Ferrari car cannot be compared with a Hummer just because it has four wheels and a engine.

Krav Maga has no rules and it is very flexible and adapts according to the Krav Maga practitioners. Who do you want to help you protect your life, someone who has just learned something new (Krav Maga) or someone who has gone through the pain and hard work that comes with combat.

Yes, one can teach and switch from one martial arts to Krav Maga but he will have the Krav Maga combat experience little more than the beginner in the class he is teaching as he as a teacher practiced these moves without rules only for few months or days. I am not, its wrong or right to train with a new Krav Maga instructor but it’s your money, so invest it wisely.

3. My instructor has a Krav Maga certificate, is that enough?

No, that not enough. An other blunt example: Your loved one has a serious illness like cancer, so would you show him/her to

  1. Nearest Physician General Doctor who weaa white lab coat and has a clinic with nurse in it
  2. A student doctor who has just got his degree and has little or no experience in real life case studies and he just want to use you to gain his experience
  3. A well  established experienced specialist in the field of cancer

Any criminal who might attack you, want to hurt you really bad same as cancer. Plus he can take your dignity or life at any time just like cancer.

So when this terror strikes, who do you want to go to to cure it? Anybody who calls himself a martial artist black belt teaching self defense class.

Or you can go to a newly advertised Krav Maga instructor who will show you his certificate, but see what date his got this certificate. If he started practicing recently, he might lie to you about his experience, check out photos or articles on social networking or newspapefor his publicity.

Or you can search and go to a authentic combat experienced Krav Maga instructor. I also started out as a beginner with no experience in combat but when you are invest money and staking your life on it’s training, choose wisely.

4. Ok, how to know he has combat experience ?

Only way to know is your guts feeling and asking a lot of stupid questions

I have knows in my years of teaching in Self Defense, there is NO stupid question. So any questions, my fellow krav maga practitioners have asked him actually might save his/her life in such a no rules combat especially in a street crime scenario.

So, I have always made a effort to answer them. Sometimes, the questions seems stupid but it would force me to ask my senioon my quest to answer them.

Second, follow your common sense, if something he shows that is too good to be true or too easy, then it will not work in a real life experience.

One such video is online where this self defense instructor shows a way to expose a hidden knife on the body of the molester.

He said fall on the molester pretending to have a epileptic seizure so that you can use your arms and legs to rub against his body to see if he has hidden weapons, once you find it, take it off his hands by throwing him off balance and running away. Interesting tactical concept.

Only one glitch! A women does not want to rub herself all over a molester or rapist. Period! So you see it’s looked so easy but in practicality it’s the most preposterous thing I have ever heard.

So please do not fall into these traps of so called easy simple tactics! Stay safe is not a easy job, its hard work and lot of practice. And I would like my child to go to the best school with best experienced teachers to help protect my child life. And in street combat, that child is you and the future of your family.

Guru Franklin Joseph is a Israeli certified Senior Civilian Instructor of Krav Maga Bangalore, an Israeli Elite Military Self Defense Combat system Mixed Martial Arts with no-rules, battle-tested, fast-paced, reflex-action based tactics dedicated to no-holds-barred combat for the purpose of street survival practiced in real life scenario based training.

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