Franklin Joseph: “Break it: Male Dominance even in Women Self Defense” Part 1

In today’s a definition of Women Self Defense is all about punches, kicks and martial arts tricks. Whenever I conduct my corporate workshops on Women Self Defense, they all ask me the same “Can you show some tricks to the women which they can use to get away from threats?”. If crime can be prevented by some martial arts tricks, all the police in the world would be jobless! My sister was eve-teased in Delhi Metro, my wife had gone through certain episodes she does not want to share publicly and so have many of the women I have met conducting these workshops. Wish we had a simple answer like some tricks which could have prevented most of these trauma of all these women or even men (I went through childhood abuse and violence also).

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Part 3: Franklin Joseph: “Women Self Defense – Male dominance even in safety for Women?” Part 3

Women Self Defense is Male oriented, Male Point of View giving Solutions using Strength and Size

[] [Post] If we imagine Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan or even Salman Khan, we do not imagine a weak, bald, guy walking with sticks with a huge belly. The “HERO’ has to be an alpha male. He can protect the women. He can Fight 10 men. He can jump in and around cars. He can dodge bullets and save the world. Even if we see a women fighting, she is shown to have some or most of these characteristic of being an alpha female. So, it means self-defense or protecting yourself is only for alpha male and females?

Now looking at fighting techniques, any martial arts, most of them use these factors – strength, size, fitness level, stamina or flexibility.

Let see how these factors are applicable in three different case studies of women self-defense

  1. 5.6″ tall, 56 Kg weight, 45-years -old women verbally and physically abused by her drunk husband
  2. 5.2″ tall, 41 Kg weight, 19-years -old college girl being molested in a bus by a group of teenagers
  3. 2.3″ tall, 25 Kg weight, 8-years -old school girl being sexually abused by her neighbor uncle

Can Strength help?

Can we ask the 45-years -old to do weights and build up her body ? Can we ask her to gain so much strength that she can use her strength to protect herself from her husband? Or what about the 19 years old, maybe she can grow few pounds in weight so she can handle a group of men targeting her in a crowded bus? Oh, years h the 8 years can start young and gain strength as she grows but that would take years, how can she protect herself in that years gap of being a weak child to being a stronger child.

Basically, it nearly impossible for the women in all these three cases to grow as strong as the man or group of women instantly. So just having physical strength alone does not help.

Can Size help?

How can we make a 5.6″ women grow up to 6 feet so that her size can help her get away from her abusive husband? The other two girls are 5.2″ or 2.3″, and the good news is they will grow taller but how much more? Not big enough as their male counterparts. So just having physical height  alone does not help. What about width, I mean being fat? If these three women were fat, do you think that would help protect them. Will they sit on the attackers ? What if the attack is inside a small space or a car or in a room? Will size of the women matter? Not much, in fact due to low fitness level they will get tired very fast and thus be a sitting duck anyway.

Can Fitness help?

So, maybe they should be fit, join a gym, gain some confidence, will that help? Yes, to some extent, as a clear healthy mind can find solutions. But fitness itself is not effective enough against crime, violence and sexual abuse. If the wife chooses to stay in the house of the husband, her fitness won’t protect her from his fist. Well, if she is very bold enough to leave her husband then yes, fitness, confidence and clear mind helped her. What about the 19-years -old? Can her fitness protect her from her tormentors? Let’s say she does not take the bus anymore after her confidence level increases due to fitness. Then it helped her. But if the group of men stay in her locality, or near her house, getting away from bus is just not enough.  Being fit and healthy helps by giving a fit, smart and clear mind/body which can help in a small way to protect.

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Part 3: Franklin Joseph: “Women Self Defense – Male dominance even in safety for Women?” Part 3

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