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Alishetty-Amarender Krav Maga Poster

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Alishetty Amarender

I meet Alishetty Amarender in Hyderabad when I went there to establish Krav Maga. I found him to be a very passionate man dedicated for his training in martial arts. I meet him few days before in Facebook chat after a long time and I was amazed by his flexibility, fitness and skill sets shown in his photos. He is one of such people who a teacher like me love to invest his time nurturing, training and educating. I miss working with you Alishetty Amarender as I know you are in Hyderabad and I am in Bangalore, but my prayears nd wishes are with you always. He was kind enough to allow me to use his photos to start off our Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore Calendar Poster Men January 2012. Ladies, he is smart, passionate, single handsome man, grab him before he is taken. 🙂 — 

Guru Franklin Joseph is a Israeli certified (First batch of 2004) Senior Civilian Instructor of Krav Maga Bangalore, an Israeli Elite Military Self Defense Combat system Mixed Martial Arts with no-rules, battle-tested, fast-paced, reflex-action based tactics dedicated to no-holds-barred combat for the purpose of street survival practiced in real life scenario based training.

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