Header ImageCriminals or known predators cheat, use stress, surprise & violence; so your size, strength, fitness or tricks will not work in real-life crime. We train in fast learning Krav Maga Reflex Action based Self Defence tactics, practised in real-crime simulations. We also learn Guerrilla Hit & Run strategy, Combat Science, Crime Psychology, Neuro-Behavioral Crisis Management, Conflict Situational Awareness & De-escalation Drills, Criminal Profiling & old school Pain Conditioning. ~ Power is Knowledge, Forged in Fear & Pain.”

Vicky Kapoor Bangalore Workshops 2013

Vicky Kapoor Bangalore Workshops 2013

Bangalore will say NO to bullies, harassment, violence on Dec 7 and 8, 2013. Venue: Rotary House of Service, 16th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indranagar, Bangalore. Join Mr. Vicky Kapoor, International Krav Maga Federation, India. World renowned, he is closest to source of this Israeli system of self defense in India. Mr. Kapoor has been training elite units of Military, Police, Bodyguards and Civilians for more than 40 years.

Congrats to the following for passing all test – Swanand Lele (P3), Shashank Shetty (P1 & P2), Sanjay Rai (P1 & P2), Aditya Ganesh (P2), Vishwa (P1 & P2), & Vikram Nandyal (P1). Well of-course we need to work on small mistakes & fine points as shared by Vicky sir but overall he was happy with the quality of your training & your hardwork. Thanks to all others Priyanka, Tilak, Shreejit Gangadharan, Akshay Gurjer, Kishore Jain & others especially Suneesh Surendran who came & participated and made it into a great workshop. Special thanks to Ashish Suhag for all his help & support. Vicky sir loved your company & greatest thanks for making this happen.

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore Workshops

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