27-28 Apr. Dharwad-Dandeli River Boot Camp

27-28 Apr. Dharwad-Dandeli River Boot Camp

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Academyhad a very successful Dharwad-Dandeli Adventure Krav-Maga Boot Camp attended by Bangalore IKMF members in Dharwad, Karnataka.

Feedback by Jean

1st Dharwad-Dandeli Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore Boot Camp Participant

Jean-BaptisteLeaving the studio for an outdoor training is definitely a must-do, and not only once but regularly. Even more for a life-event based discipline such as Krav Maga, since troubles won’t happen in a nice and well-equipped studio but in the street, in the water, in the jungle, on an unstable ground, under a hot sun, and many more.

A great thing we worked on was adaptation. When we fight in the jungle, or on a kayak there are tons of new elements to take care of: balance, obstacles to avoid, multiple opponents, can I fight with the paddle? Even our own body reacts differently. Because it is not used to such a situation, it will get tired more easily, or it would get disturbed by the life jacket, or it will slip on a rock, and so on.

Meeting Frank’s family was a great moment too. Seeing him as a father & husband, and not only as an ass-kicker was really great for us. We got the opportunity to train with Krystal, his daughters r, and believe me that’s not as easy as it seems! All that helped us become closer to him, as if we were becoming part of the family.

More than a simple intense training, we also learnt from others, be it the guy trying to punch me or the one I’m choking. We got to know each other and became a community for one week-end, we shared stories, secrets, experiences. We laughed too, which is also a great part in the Krav Maga training! Beyond the boot-camp we became friends, and that is truly awesome.

Feedback from Guru Franklin Joseph

A wonderful experience, we had a great camp which was full of adventure and combat training. First day, we started training on the hill of Dharwad, a very difficult terrain where the participants were subjected to running up and down hills side with rocky surface – a very different experience especially when you are trained in smooth flooof a studio.

Krav Maga is all about real life scenario training and unless you are not exposed to these elements of real life, you are nothing but a crash test dummies in a street fight. So they ran up and down, and within a hours of the training, nearly everybody was pooped out. But we still had two more hours and many other hills to cover. Finally, the mind won of matter and the participants started pushing the limits of comfort-zone and got full involved in overcoming and beating the remaining terrains I would throw at them.

In the evening, we had a wonderful feedback session on future of Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Academyand a dance session followed by Briyani. 🙂 Yummy 🙂

Next day, we drove to Dandeli River camp where we had enjoyed the water of River Kali with Kayaking, Swimming and River Rafting along with a session of water-based / kayak based Krav Maga combat conditioning drills followed by river-size light sparring session. Overall, we had a blast and the participants vowed to come back for an other boot camp and a briyani session with my family. 🙂  — 

Video: Dandeli River Krav Maga Drills – 10

Dharwad-Dandeli Boot Camp team practised Krav Maga Self Defense Drills on River bank

Video: Dandeli River Kayaking with Krav Maga Drills – 9

Dharwad-Dandeli Boot Camp team merging Kayaking with Krav Maga Self Defense Drills

Video: Dandeli River Camp Swimming & Kayaking – 8

Dharwad-Dandeli Boot Camp team arrived in Dandeli River and straight away went for Swimming & Kayaking