Vicky Kapoor Bangalore Workshops 2013

Congrats to the following for passing all test – Swanand Lele (P3), Shashank Shetty (P1 & P2), Sanjay Rai (P1 & P2), Aditya Ganesh (P2), Vishwa (P1 & P2), & Vikram Nandyal (P1). Well of-course we need to work on small mistakes & fine points as shared by Vicky sir but overall he was happy with the quality of your training & your hardwork. Thanks to all others Priyanka, Tilak, Shreejit Gangadharan, Akshay Gurjer, Kishore Jain & others especially Suneesh Surendran who came & participated and made it into a great workshop. Special thanks to Ashish Suhag for all his help & support. Vicky sir loved your company & greatest thanks for making this happen.

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore Workshops

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