Mar 2014 Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Dandeli Boot Camp : Guru Franklin Joseph

Franklin Joseph Krav-Maga Self-Defense Academy presents Franklin Joseph Boot Camp Mar 2014. Activities included River Kayaking, making Weapons, Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Training in darkness and fit time Water Torture Obstacle all that with having lot of fun, laughter and jokes : Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Dandeli Boot Camp 2014.

Amazing experience in spite of few setbacks. Really shows the power of brothe-in-arm spirit within our Franklin Joseph Krav-Maga Self-Defense Academy family that will always rules of life ups and downs.

Special thanks to Swanand Lele, Shreejit Gangadharan, Shubham Tagra, Aditya Ganesh, Gowtham Chandrasekaran, Bharat Rajashekar, Sanjay Rai, Rohan ‘Ron’ Bera, Kishore Jain, Abhinv Das and Anubhav Arora who participated in the workshop.

Review by Mr. Shreejit Gangadharan

Jai Hind sir

Sorry for the late reply. Have been swamped at work. Been meaning to write this as soon as I got back, but it kept getting delayed.

Activity 1: Breakfast at your house

I liked this activity a lot, because I got to see a glimpse of your personal life as well. This is the fit time I met your wife and daughters r, and it felt good. I can see why you have so much respect and love for women; you have amazing women in your life.

Activity 2:Kayaking

We went kayaking again but this time, the river was larger, angrier. The water level was higher, and the flow was much greater than last time. It looked deceptive, as if it at some parts there was a possibility of crossing the river, but just getting into the water revealed that the flow was too great for any normal swimmer to tackle. We had fun with your new gadgets, and it was fun to see Anubhav topple over and get back up. I really appreciate the training you gave us last time. It would be a hopeless endeavor to try to learn this on our own, if we were stranded. When I went to Goa, I took a Kayak and went to so far out out of the harbor that I could see only see in my line of sight. I could understand that this courage only came from the assurance that I can get back on to the Kayak after having practiced it many times.

The underwater breath-holding contest was also really fun, and it forced everybody to push themselves. A jump of 15 to 40/45 seconds is huge.

Activity 3:Jeep pushing

Taught us team work, taught us endurance. And it was fun. I didn’t know I could push a jeep 🙂

Activity 4:Night training – torchlight blindness.

This was awesome. The change of stance from protecting yourselves, to taking the hit and retaliating was completely new to me. Although I wasn’t as fast as I should have been, I understood the concept of not using my eyes at all, and feeling where the opponent is. It slowly got fed into my body, and I started getting the hang of it. I was always a fan of night training, and look forward to more and more sessions.

Activity 5: Singing and dancing

This was also amazing fun, but more than that, it taught me many things about the people around me. Dancing is one of those few things that most people aren’t good at, but more importantly, most people are afraid of too. This is an easy way to find out how people react when they are uncomfortable. Fight or flight. Dancing is fun, there is no question about that. I used to hate it. I used to hate how I looked, had no confidence, and never danced. I used to be too conscious. It’s not about alcohol. I now can dance without it, but I need the “atmosphere.” And I found it here. I had a lot of fun, got to know the people with us more, and sir aap mast nachte ho. Dancer aise hi nahin the 😉 One reason that you are popular among the ladies 😉

Activity 6: Body conditioning in the morning

I liked crawling under the jeep. It was a confined space, and like you’ve said before, big guys don’t like it when they’re out of their element. I’m not good with closed spaces, but after having gone through so many woe things with you, this wasn’t that bad 🙂 This session was good, but the only disappointing thing was that it wasn’t as intense as the last time. I was looking forward to pushing myself further.

Activity 7: Hosed

This was by far the best session of the trip. Fighting in limited visibility, with buts of breathlessness and panic. With the water bring thrown into our eyes and nose, it was difficult to breathe and see, but more than that, it led to panic. And I really liked to see the way it affected people. I already know that I am a little intimidating, and since the seniors are used to me, they were affected less, but the new guys’ panic just blew up. They were afraid both while attacking and defending, and it reminded me of how afraid I was, when I had to go up against the seniors when I just joined. I am a bit more comfortable with water, and I guess I wasn’t as affected, but still, I would not like to fight under that situation. The ground was wet, we had no holds, and injuries would’ve been bad had we been on a harder/rougher surface. Eye opening session.

Overall the trip was good. A 7/10. However due to logistical difficulties, you had to face a lot of difficulties.

Hope we have more sessions. Look forward to a Goa session, especially a morning Sunday crazy endurance session on the beach – boxer training style!

Jai Hind

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Training near the river bed

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