19 Dec. Christ University Workshop, Bangalore

by ‘Dr. Safety’ Franklin Joseph

  • Social entrepreneur researching on street crime, violence and abuse since 1986
  • Krav Maga Israeli certified Self Defense Instructor since 2004
  • Safety / Self Defense Speaker for 40+ corporates
  • Speaker on Safety Empowerment in Jain University CMS College, Bangalore
  • Instructed Krav Maga to Police, Army Special Forces with his organisation

Feedback from Franklin Joseph

We had a great session in Christ University organised by Meghna Menon, a senior in Christ University. The workshop was received very well by the students. With the incidents of recent rape still fresh in the mind of the students, they have lot of queries about the military based real life scenario tactics of Krav Maga. While answering serious questions, I still manage to put some smiles in most of the faces there. A young girl gave her feedback that since she was small person she never got the confidence to defend her dignity before this workshop and now she feels with little training she can prevent or avoid the threat. Meghna mentioned she was surprised with the 200-250 students turnout and the University teachers were also so engulfed in the training, they also had many questions about the tactics and were amazed how scientific were the techniques of Krav Maga. — 
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