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Vicky Kapoor Bangalore Workshops 2013

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Bangalore will say NO to bullies, harassment, violence on Dec 7 and 8, 2013. Venue: Rotary House of Service, 16th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indranagar, Bangalore. Join Mr. Vicky Kapoor, International Krav Maga Federation , India. World renowned, he is closest to source of this Israeli system of self defense in India. Mr. Kapoor has been training elite units of Military, Police, Bodyguards and Civilians for more than 40 years.

Nyjil Krav Maga Bangalore

Nyjil Joshi: “Biggest victory is not in beating up a person but in avoiding a conflict from arising”

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Nyjil Joshi Krav Maga Practitioner, Associate Manager Its been 2 years since I became a Krav Maga practitioner and when I look back what a wonderful fruitful journey it has been for me as an individual. Initially I was attracted towards the statement said by Grand Master Imi Sde-Or “…. So that one may walk in […]

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CNN IBN Website: Bangalore techies learn Israeli martial arts to counter terror

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CNN IBN Deepa Balakrishnan, CNN-IBN Bangalore: Three IT companies in Bangalore recieved e-mail threats of attacks last week. Following this Bangaloreans are training themselves in the elite Israeli form of self-defence called Krav Maga Bangalore. Franklin JosephGuru-ji Franklin Joseph was born into the slums of Delhi, and from an early age he was exposed to […]

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NDTV Channel: Terror-fighting classes for Bangalore

Posted on Posted in Press Coverage Vasanthi Hariprakash, Neha Kidwai Saturday, January 10, 2009, (Bangalore) A private company in Bangalore is now offering training for ordinary citizens to combat terror. The trainers say that special skills and techniques, imported all the way from Israel, are being used. They are being trained to dodge a grenade and escape capture by a […]

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Hindustan Times Newspaper: Bangalore IT Pros train in Israeli Survival Techniques

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Hindustan Times, Front page Bangalore IT Pros train in Israeli Survival Techniques SOFTWARE PROFESSIONALS like Anoop Ramakrishnan, 24, and many others in the tech industry here are picking up new survival skills – not to endure the economic gloom, but to survive a terror attack or a hostage crisis. Following the recent terror attacks, techies […]

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Times of India Newspaper: Bangalore learns to tackle terror

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Times of India, Frontpage Fighting Back First introduced in New Delhi five years ago, Krav Maga teaches Israeli self-defence skills against armed street attacks and muggings, home assaults, car thefts and attacks. It was introduced in Bangalore last year and over 75 citizens have enrolled for the course. Anti-terror training capsule, designed by New Delhi-based […]