Photos-2 : 5-6 October 2013 Dandeli Boot Camp

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We had a great first day. After an rain drenched Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense training in the slippery mud, we went to the backwaters of deep in Dandeli jungles for a long trek. But due to rain, we had to take a boat ride instead which was very picturesque and calming. When the night fell, we started our Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense blind training in the darkness of the jungle. And after dinner, we designed weapons created from jungle materials. Next day, we had a early body conditioning & pain threshold drills followed by hardcore Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense combat tactics. And we finished the day with some more primitive weapon creations for water hunting.

Non Violence Tactics

Franklin Joseph: “Using non-violence was a brilliant combat tactics of shock and surprise”

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[is_singular]»» Author: Franklin Joseph [ Other Article by Franklin Joseph ] [/is_singular] Many people have condemn violence. They are right, Violence has no good end. In our system of Krav Maga, our first aim is to prevent, avoid and escape any threats on the street which could be fatal to our dignity or life. But interesting, […]

Krav Maga India

Hindustan Times Newspaper: Bangalore IT Pros train in Israeli Survival Techniques

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Hindustan Times, Front page Bangalore IT Pros train in Israeli Survival Techniques SOFTWARE PROFESSIONALS like Anoop Ramakrishnan, 24, and many others in the tech industry here are picking up new survival skills – not to endure the economic gloom, but to survive a terror attack or a hostage crisis. Following the recent terror attacks, techies […]