“Corporate Women Self Defense: What is the Best Self-Defence or Women Safety Program?” Franklin Joseph

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[is_singular]»» Author: Franklin Joseph [ Other Article by Franklin Joseph ][/is_singular] Latest headlines: Night holds many terrors for women… Bangalore Unsafe For Those On Cinderella Shift: Report What Employees can Do: Include self-defence training to women.. So is there any end of all this crime, violence and abuse against women? Yes, read on. Franklin JosephGuru-ji Franklin Joseph was […]

Krav Maga Bangalore 10

Video: Women Self Defense Anti-Stress Krav Maga Drills

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Excerpt from Guru Franklin Joseph Anti-Stress Multiple Bag Drills is the best way to learn under chaos and stress of multiple opponents. Divya, Lakshmi Manickam, Mrinalni, good work on how to handle your confidence and composure in a stressful and chaotic situation with bigger stronger men pushing and shoving around you. Great you three, leading the […]