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Time Out Bangaluru Magazine: Health and Fitness: Heart catalogue

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A group of Bangaloreans wants to make the city the Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation capital of India, finds Arati Rao. Franklin Joseph, who conducts Krav Maga Bangalore classes in Richmond Town, offered a different perspective. He usually delivers a five minute talk on how to deal with bullet wounds and shrapnel gashes, and also attempts to […]

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Hindustan Times Newspaper: Bangalore IT Pros train in Israeli Survival Techniques

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Hindustan Times, Front page Bangalore IT Pros train in Israeli Survival Techniques SOFTWARE PROFESSIONALS like Anoop Ramakrishnan, 24, and many others in the tech industry here are picking up new survival skills – not to endure the economic gloom, but to survive a terror attack or a hostage crisis. Following the recent terror attacks, techies […]