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Mar 2014 BadAzz Krav Maga Dandeli Boot Camp : Guru Franklin Joseph

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BadAzz Krav-Maga Self-Defense Military Combat Academy presents BadAzz Boot Camp Mar 2014. Activities included River Kayaking, making Weapons, BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Training in darkness and first time Water Torture Obstacle all that with having lot of fun, laughter and jokes : BadAzz Krav Maga Dandeli Boot Camp 2014. Amazing experience in spite of […]

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Aditya Ganesh: It teaches me to always find ways (often unconventional) to tackle any situation

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I’m a student of Engineering, in the field of Telecommunications, looking to specialize in the domain of signal processing. My interests include music, of various genres, and books preferably of the humorous variety. Franklin JosephGuru-ji Franklin Joseph was born into the slums of Delhi, and from an early age he was exposed to the world […]