Nitin Varma Manthena: God and my Krav Maga training helped me save my family

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Sir Frank,

That day only things that saved us when my family went through the car accident was Gods grace and the Krav Maga training that was given to me by you. To perform and think properly under stress.

[] [Post] When the car accident happened, everyone was disoriented and scared including me. But someone in my head was telling me what to do. First thing was check to see if I was injured.  Then I checked the surroundings of our car. After making sure that we are not in path of any other vehicle, I started to check the others for injuries. I found that Dad was stuck between the steering wheel and seat and cannot be moved without help. I let him stay him in that position. My sister was sitting on the passenger side, I checked her and found her to be ok so I loosened her seat belt and took her to a side. Then I checked my mom. My mother was seriously injured on her head and face and had some internal bleeding also. So I asked my sister to call 108. My grand mother was in shock and could not walk, so with the help of few civilians, I got her out and made her sit on the side. But dad was still stuck and people where trying to pull him out. I told them to stop as this might cause more damage. One of the civilian gave an idea to use a rope tied to a truck to lift the stee