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NDTV Channel: Terror-fighting classes for Bangalore

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Vasanthi Hariprakash, Neha Kidwai
Saturday, January 10, 2009, (Bangalore)

A private company in Bangalore is now offering training for ordinary citizens to combat terror. The trainers say that special skills and techniques, imported all the way from Israel, are being used.

They are being trained to dodge a grenade and escape capture by a terrorist. When it’s down to the basics in a terrorist attack, people will know what to do.

[] [Post] “The reason why I have joined here is I had got attacked on the street once and that had diminished my confidence. I was very scared to walk on the streets of Bangalore and just after two-three classes here, my confidence soared back to normal,” said Liana Emanuel, a software engineer.

“On the street, no one is going to shout grenade and throw grenade. If you hear an explosion, get on the floor as a natural instinct and protect yourself. Later if it is only a firecracker, it doesn’t matter,” said Rahul Vekapalli, another software professional.

It is a self-defence course offered by a private company in Bangalore for Rs 2900. They have a tie-up with Israel’s International Krav Maga federation, which offers training in defence tactics and fighting skills to military and police personnel there.

“People felt a lot scared after 26/11 attacks, they don’t know how to vent their frustration. Here they know how to release it. They come here, fight, they enjoy, they are laughing, and when they go back, they are relaxed,” said Franklin Joseph, Krav Maga Bangalore instructor.

Women have been enthusiastic learners. They feel that not only will this help them fight terror, they will also be better equipped to deal with eve-teasers.