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Bangalore Mirror Newspaper: Attack the attackers

crowd molestation Krav Maga Bangalore

An expert in Krav Maga Bangalore, Guru Franklin Joseph (Israeli Army’s self-defence method) shows how ‘simple things’ like cell phones, keys or handbag can come in handy to scare the assailants.

After a relative lull, the city was shaken once again with the gang rape of a 24-year-old Jharkhand girl, before she was mugged, kidnapped and kept captive (for 14 hours). The MBA graduate was returning home near the swish Electronic City. The incident once again raises serious questions about women’s safety, especially at night.

It was only in 2005, a BPO employee Prathibha was raped and killed in Bangalore.

[] [Post] As the city grows, the risks are increasing, too. What if tomorrow you find yourself face-to-face with some scum of the earth? Can you save yourself? “Yes you can,” says Franklin Joseph’ an instructor of krav-maga, “by using simple objects which women usually carry with them.” But no matter what you do, scream as loudly as possible, say experts.

The first of a two-part series.

Franklin Joseph’s Krav Maga Self Defense with Umbrella

  • Use the umbrella to jab it on his venerable points like eyes, throat or groin. Keep poking it till you get some distance between you two.
  • Avoid hitting him with the umbrella like you would with a club, which he can easily block with his hands, so jab him.
  • Seek weak spots like groin. Jab or swing the umbrella in a straight line, hitting the testicles.
  • Flip open the umbrella as the last option, when you are ready to escape.
  • Avoid hitting chest, head or arms (because that way it becomes easy for the attacker to grab you). Do not try to grapple or push him as you will get tired very soon.

Franklin Joseph’s Krav Maga Self Defense with Mobile phone

  • This is a very effective tool as most women carry it in their hands. But avoid talking on the phone or texting while walking on the road or towards your car as you are distracted and can become easy targets.
  • Jab the phone into his eyes and throat. Avoid hitting the attackers head or upper body, since this will put you in close proximity to the attacker making it easier for him to grab you.
  • The bridge of the nose is a very sensitive spot. So, hit that area with your phone.
  • If the hand is caught up near his groin, jab at his groin.
  • Always call for help once you flee the spot.

Franklin Joseph’s Krav Maga Self Defense with Spectacles/ Glares

  • They are a soft tool that might break on contact. But it can still be used as a weapon.
  • If its sharp edge is open, then use it to jab into the eyes.
  • If it is closed, it still can be used as a jabbing tool. Aim for the eyes, throat, ribs or groin. Anywhere else it would not be effective enough for him to let go.

Franklin Joseph’s Krav Maga Self Defense with Watch

  • Not an effective tool as women usually wear small and thin watches. Even a bigger one is not very effective. Nevertheless, one can combine it with one’s fist.
  • Use the hard surface of the watch and hit the temples or the nose.
  • Constantly use the free hand to poke his eyes or throat and keep hitting him till he hides his face with his hands.

Franklin Joseph’s Krav Maga Self Defense with Stilettos

  • Heels hamper you from running. But if you are wearing it, use it to jab the person. But make sure you are stomping his foot or knee and not the ground, which might lead to ankle sprain or fracture adding to your woes.
  • If he grabs you from behind, use your pointed heels to jab his feet. Avoid trying to hit his groin or shin because you might lose your balance, leaving you at a vulnerable position.
  • If he grabs you from the front, kick his groin with your knee and then use that split second to jab the groin with the sharp heels.
  • Use a straight line directly to his groin

Franklin Joseph’s Krav Maga Self Defense with Keys

  • It is the most effective sharp object that can be used as a jabbing tool. Aim for the eyes, throat and ribs.
  • It is very important that you jab the attacker multiple times and do not stop until he lets go.

Franklin Joseph’s Krav Maga Self Defense with Hair Clip

  • Slippery, it is not a very effective tool. But anyway one can use it for poking at throat, eyes and ribs.

Franklin Joseph’s Krav Maga Self Defense with Water bottle

  • Can work as a distraction tool along with other items like umbrella or keys.
  • If there is time, open it and spray water on his face.

Franklin Joseph’s Krav Maga Self Defense with Hand bag

  • Swing it into his face instantly in a vertical straight path.
  • Swing it in a horizontal path only to create some distance.
  • You can also slash it into his groin in a vertical straight path.
  • If caught, leave the bag aside and run away. Do not struggle, trying to grab it back.

Franklin Joseph’s Krav Maga Self Defense with Pen

  • Pen is a great weapon for self-defence. It’s small and strong and can be used for its sharp edge also. Again go for his eyes, throat, groin and nose.

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Franklin Joseph

Guru-ji Franklin Joseph was born into the slums of Delhi, and from an early age he was exposed to the world of sexual abuse & violent crime. After surviving 22-25 years, he converted his bad experience into positive knowledge and today his organization "Indian Institute of Special Tactics and Combat Science" focuses to empower the men, women & child to defend themselves against crime, violence, sexual harassment and sexual abuse. His major projects also cover corporate workshops and seminars to schools & colleges all over India. He also imparting knowledge through his academy in Bangalore. 'Guru-ji' and 'Dr. Safety' are the alias given to him by his members or followers. Over the years, 'Guru-ji' has been nominated and won various awards including Best Service Excellence award 2017 by London based Luxury Travel Magazine, United Kingdom. OSAC (United States Department) organization gave recommendation in its Women Safety Report 2014 stating "Franklin Joseph is the good Self Defense instructor that also focuses on psychological empowerment in his workshops". 'Guru-ji' Franklin Joseph has been featured in articles by press media like TOI, DNA, Deccan Herald, ZeeTV, CNN-IBN, NDTV 24x7, Radio one etc., to highlight special tactics & psychological combat science.

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