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BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Dandeli Boot Camp 2016 – Part 2

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Intro : BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Bangalore Dandeli Boot Camp

Every year, we conduct BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Dandeli Boot Camp. The concept of the camp is to get together all Krav Maga bangalore practitioners, train together and have fun too. Here are some BadAzz Krav Maga warrior’s testimonials of the BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Dandeli boot camp as well as photo gallery of the second days of the camp.

Pushpanjali : BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Warrior

“The training was unbelievable yet not impossible!”

Review : Pushpanjali : "The training was unbelievable yet not impossible!"

23 Years Old

Senior Social Media Executive

Jai Hind. One of my bucket list was ‘BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Dandeli Boot Camp’ trip. This is a trip which I will never forget because it had mixture of learning and fun. The roller coaster ride inside the Jungle, the peaceful night gave a blissful experience. I guess it was first time I swam in a river with a life jacket though. ‘BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Dandeli Boot Camp’ gave me confidence and motivation to grow more and have a discipline in life. The delicious food and the company of new friends gave me a new look to life. The best part was training with seniors where I could know how much strength a girl can have. The fake kidnap trial done by Guru-ji Franklin Joseph where I could release myself, it was unbelievable yet not impossible.

Haripriya : “They are like family. I feel very close. They have accepted me for who I am!”

Review : Haripriya : "They are like family. I feel very close. They have accepted me for who I am!"

16 Years Old


Jai Hind. The twenty first of may started with lots of excitement. It was finally the day I was going for the boot camp. The clock struck six. It was time to leave for Majestic railway station. When we got to the station it took us a little time to find everyone but eventually, we did. It was pretty awkward at first but then I got adjusted to everyone. After settling down on our berths, we began talking. The night was spent that way and we all slowly drifted off to sleep. We woke up the next morning and got off at Dharwad at 6 o’clock. From the railway station, we got onto a bus and drive to Dandeli. After getting freshened up, we were driven to the river. There we did kayaking and swimming. But we weren’t done there. We were told to train while we were all muddy and dirty and wet. Then we went back to the home stay feeling all sticky. After lunch, we trained a little more and left for the jungle. It was beautiful. We did a little light trekking and trained on the banks of the Dandeli backwaters. We went back to the home stay in a Jeep in the night. The air was whipping our face. It was really thrilling. Of course, it wasn’t just fun. We got dropped off in the middle of nowhere and were told to run after the bus in order to get back to the home stay. We ran for what felt like forever and finally reached the bus. After getting on, we drove back to the home stay. When we reached the home stay, we were treated with a delicious dinner. All the children and families were asked to go and sleep in their rooms (including me, because I was whining that I was sleepy). I almost obliged, but then I thought about how much I would be missing out. So, being the big girl I am, I declined the offer and went back to train. In the night. At 11 o’clock. We practiced how to get out of hostage situations. We were tied up with tape on our wrists, ankles and mouth. Then we were put under a bed sheet and were lightly beaten up by other participants. We had to get out of that situation under that fear and stress. I volunteered first for it. I had to prove to myself more than anyone else that I was capable and could do it. I got out within a few minutes. I was very proud of myself. After everyone had their round of being held “hostage” we were excused and were told to sleep. The boys/men went back to their dorms. What happens when you leave 7 fearless girls/ladies in a dorm room? You get ghost stories. That’s exactly what happened. We told each other ghost stories. When we felt freaked out enough, and got shouted at by our seniors, we went to sleep at 2 o’clock. I woke up to someone shouting that the time was four-forty five already. Then I remembered. We were supposed to start training at five. I must have broken the world record because I got ready in about ten minutes. We jogged till we reached an old school. We did the fireman drills. I carried one person. Then we were asked to rub coconut oil on ourselves. I was puzzled at first. But when I saw our seniors ground fighting, I got the idea and chose a partner. After that, we were taught a few ground fighting techniques. After that, we went to the river to clean ourselves. We came back to the home stay, had our breakfast and left for kayaking an