Photos: 6 May: BadAzz Navy Seal Water Survival and Self Defense Krav Maga Workshop

BadAzz Navy Seal Water Krav maga Self Defense Workshop (2)

Water is one of the elements that bring both joy as well fear in us. Especially when it’s reality based training of Krav Maga, water can add dimensions of fear and panic in us, thus helping the Krav Maga practitioner to deal and conquer those factors. It allows for some added roughness while performing the self defense drills (pulling someone completely off balance /off their feet), and of course the resistance training water offers help strengthen the body. We will also include few basic Navy Seal strength training exercises.

[is_singular][] [Post][/is_singular] Working out in the pool has broad appeal. Athletes of all types cross-train in the water to improve their core strength and performance and working against the force of the water overloads your muscles and forces them to adapt and become stronger. So its great for fitness and weight loss also.

BadAzz Krav Maga Military Combat Academy organises Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense : Navy Seal Water Survival & Self Defense Workshop (Basic)

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Krav Maga is an Israeli Self Defence system comprising of battle tested tactics which have proved efficient in preventing, dealing and overcoming violence and aggression. Krav Maga training employs fighting and combat skills based on mixed martial arts principles adapted to fight crime and face situations on the street. Tactics comprise of striking techniques, wrestling and grappling techniques that takes into account the fundamental rule of street fighting and crime, which is that there are no rules. The tactics also comprise of brutal counter-attacks against violence and aggression which have established themselves as sufficient deterrents. What makes Krav Maga stand out is that it aims at preparing the trainees to face real life scenarios rather than ideal ring fighting atmospheres where there are rules and referees. As a self defense system, it is pragmatic, efficient and gets the job done.


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