Bangalore: 48 pc women on night shift concerned about safety

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Bangalore, May 8: Forty-eight per cent of women in Bangalore feel unsafe while working in night shifts, according to a survey conducted by a trade body. The survey was conducted after the rape and murder of a BPO employee by a cab driver in Bangalore in 2005, according to The New Indian Express.

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Excerpt from Guru Franklin Joseph

Concern about safety is a good thing, as there was a time when even the knowledge that something bad can happen and we need to prepare for that. Not loving in a constant shadow of fear but staying alert, prepared and ready to prevent, avoid and escape. — 

Guru Franklin Joseph is a Israeli certified Senior Civilian Instructor of Krav Maga Bangalore, an Israeli Elite Military Self Defense Combat system Mixed Martial Arts with no-rules, battle-tested, fast-paced, reflex-action based tactics dedicated to no-holds-barred combat for the purpose of street survival practiced in real life scenario based training.:

The survey by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM) Social Development Foundation said that at least 73 per cent women felt insecure while working at night. The assessment is based on the feedback they received from stakeholders. The report states that 49 per cent women working with small scale firms are worried about their movements outside, while 28 percent employed with the medium sector are concerned about their safety, especially after dark. Nearly 23 per cent women working with large scale establishments expressed their fears too. “In sector specific cases, BPOs, ITeS, hospitality sector and media, women employees are the most vulnerable and prone to both physical and non-physical attacks, especially after their duty hours. There has been a huge attrition rate among females in these sectors,” said DS Rawat, secretary general of the trade body. The report said that 35 and 22 per cent of women working in leather and garment industry, respectively, are worried about their safety, while in nursing sector and hospitals, the percentage is 53.

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Franklin Joseph

'Dr. Safety' Franklin Joseph is founder & CEO of 'Indian Institute of Special Tactics And Combat Science and conducts corporate workshops as a Women / Child Safety Specialist. He is also Founder & is a Chief Instructor of BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Military Combat Academy. From 1986, he started researching and educating himself on Safety Empowerment to help him heal and elevate himself from his own 22 years of sexual abuse and violent past. From 2004, he started learning and practicing Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense in Delhi and has been trained by legends like Master Vicky Kapoor and Israeli guru's like Avi Moyal, Shlomi Moyal, Gabi Noah, Amnon Darsa etc. He also assisted Mr. Vicky Kapoor in many tactical training with Military, Police and Special Forces. Now, apart from running his self defense academy, he has conducted 100+ corporate workshops of 'PowerToWomen.in' : Women's Safety Awareness, Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence and Sexual Harassment & Abuse. He is also featured in various newspapers and magazine along with TV Channels.

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