“Women Self Defense: Beware of the crap being sold in Self Defense” Franklin Joseph Part1

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I have read many many articles of Women Self Defense. It’s so interesting what martial artist are selling now-a-days in the name of Women Self Defense. Pardon my french, Bullshit! Let me  share some thoughts.

Remember, my aim is not to condemn authentic martial arts or genuine instructors, I am a student of martial arts myself, so I respect them all. Nor my aim is to attract women in my class by telling everyone is bad out there. I have used some of these very tactics to SELL my product, so it’s not a very good business sense to expose it myself. But enough is enough, I would rather have educated critics as students than money bringing ignorant fools. Maybe, it will force me to change my marketing strategy, hey I like challenges anyway. BadAzz for life! 

[is_singular][KravMagaBangalore.in] [Post][/is_singular] Women especially need to be educated and smart enough to see what is best product out there that will ACTUALLY prevent, avoid, defend and escape you from harms way.


Media Magic

  • Recently, I saw a video of a women self defense where it’s saying when the women is attacked or grabbed, she must FEEL the rapist or molester for weapons. Maybe for a male victim feeling up another man is still to some extend fine…. but it’s seems the video has forgotten one basic fact, women victims do not want to molest or feel up potential rapist!!!
  • Then the video goes on showcasing so called simple techniques of having epilepsy fit or sneezing and hitting the molester or bending his fingers after that etc. Please do not fall for such ‘easy’ techniques where few fancy moves shows a bigger guy falling on his feet. Nothing in life is easy, love, marriage, money or self defense.

Web of Words

  • We are attracted to words.  We get easily tangled in the web of words the self defense school will throw at you: Reality based, Reflex action based tactics, Best for Women, Easy to learn, Women Self Defense, Mixed Martial arts, Real life training, Best for Women, Discounted Price, Weight loss etc.
  • Read about it, about the martial art or self defense you are or what to learn especially from a women point of view.

Designed for Women or not?

  • Go on the internet and see what women have told about that martial art.
  • Ask yourself, will this really work for me when I am not ready for the fight, when I am wearing a saree, when he is bigger and stronger than me,
  • Will I need to be stronger, fitter in simple words change myself drastically to defend myself ? Don’t get me wrong, working out to be stronger, fitter, weight loss is a good thing, but telling you that you are not fit enough, slim enough, young enough, strong enough to even protect yourself, that is a wrong thought either given by any martial art or even by yourself.
  • If you read about some random women giving comments about that class, go to the class, see those women in action, talk to them and talk to other women who names or photos have not been printed online.

Requires strength, fitness level and flexibility?

  • Lot of tactics shown and taught in martial arts requires strength, good fitness level and great flexibly.
  • Those masters have invested years and years of hard work, pain, sweat and blood to come to a point where whatever they looks so easy.
  • So most of these martial arts are not designed for someone who does not fit that mold.
  • Of-course, they will either teach you something simpler and easier which will give you a false confidence so that you pay for the classes.



Franklin Joseph

'Dr. Safety' Franklin Joseph is founder & CEO of 'Indian Institute of Special Tactics And Combat Science and conducts corporate workshops as a Women / Child Safety Specialist. He is also Founder & is a Chief Instructor of BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Military Combat Academy. From 1986, he started researching and educating himself on Safety Empowerment to help him heal and elevate himself from his own 22 years of sexual abuse and violent past. From 2004, he started learning and practicing Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense in Delhi and has been trained by legends like Master Vicky Kapoor and Israeli guru's like Avi Moyal, Shlomi Moyal, Gabi Noah, Amnon Darsa etc. He also assisted Mr. Vicky Kapoor in many tactical training with Military, Police and Special Forces. Now, apart from running his self defense academy, he has conducted 100+ corporate workshops of 'PowerToWomen.in' : Women's Safety Awareness, Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence and Sexual Harassment & Abuse. He is also featured in various newspapers and magazine along with TV Channels.

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