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Guru Franklin Joseph: “What hardships led to the creation of Krav Maga Bangalore chapter?”

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How Krav Maga Bangalore Israeli Self Defense studio started

The Bangalore chapter of Krav Maga was started in November, 2007. Since the club did not had any official name, it was named ‘BadAzz’ by Guru Franklin Joseph on March 30, 2012.

The story of its founder, Guru Franklin Joseph, is in itself a representation of the core principles of Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense, which is to always fight, never give up and to prevail notwithstanding stress and setbacks.
Guru Franklin Joseph training with Grand Master Avi Moyal in ground fighting workshop in Krav Maga Civilian Instructor Course held on September 2007 in New Delhi. At the end of this very session, Guru Franklin Joseph got his chest fractured while participating in a Krav Maga stress game of contact combat.

Serious Injury ? Give up OR Create Something Huge?

[] [Post] Guru Franklin Joseph began training under the tutelage of Sir Vicky Kapoor, since 2004 which was when Krav Maga was first introduced in India. During a full-contact combat training in a Krav Maga workshop, Guru Franklin Joseph, sustained fracture to his chest and injures to knees forcing him to rest and recover. At the same time, due to downsizing in the company he was employed with, Guru Franklin Joseph had to resign from his Creative Director / Team Leader designation. Numerous parallel setbacks at home in the form of Guru Franklin’s mother’s demise due to a year old struggle with cancer and father’s head injury due to a home accident had made things worse financially and spiritually. At times, for days, Guru Franklin had to sleep empty stomach as he had no money to eat. Also having become immobile due to his chest fracture, Guru Franklin Joseph’s personal recovery was made possible due to his fiance Sharon & Krystal, his would-be-daughter and family friends Mahesh & Vijay who took care of him in his hour of need.

Birth of a Thought and the Struggle to Materialize it

In Varanasi with Grand Master Eyal Yanilov, India Chief Instructor Sir Vicky KapoorHowever, due to the “never-say-die” attitude inculcated into him by his Krav Maga training, he turned his attention to developing a Krav Maga center in Bangalore and get back on his feet. As a web designer, he began providing web designing services at a heavily discounted price to gain financial stability. Within no time, this was achieved and Guru Franklin Joseph got married to Sharon and adopted Krystal, even as he was yet to recover from his injuries completely. Braving incredible adversity and pain, Guru Franklin Joseph traveled on trains or buses every week to Bangalore from his hometown Dharwad, in spite of his injuries, just so that he could identify a place for the Krav Maga centre. The resources gained from his web design business and various loans provided for the equipment which he would need to start the chapter in Bangalore. Within no time, Krav Maga Bangalore became a reality and was officially added to the Krav Maga India family.

Learn from Others, Adapt and Improvise

Guru Franklin Joseph is now a certified senior instructor of Krav Maga and the Director of the Bangalore chapter of Krav Maga India founded by Sir Vicky Kapoor and affiliated to International Krav-Maga Federation, Israel. Under his leadership, Krav Maga chapter at Bangalore conducts classes every weekend where practitioners train in Krav Maga. In addition to traditional Krav Maga, Guru Franklin Joseph’s unconventional and liberal approach to training has helped him borrow training concepts from Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Karate and Kung-fu in as much as Krav Maga classes include Body Conditioning using Truck Tyres and Bamboo Sticks, Rope Resistance Training, Strength Exercises using Sledge Hammers, etc.

Building Comrades rather than Clients

Guru Franklin Joseph with Grand Master Avi Moyal and India Chief Instructor Sir Vicky Kapoor training in one of the Krav Maga Civilian Instructor Course held on September 2007 in New DelhiGuru Franklin Joseph’s students vouch for his passion towards teaching and his loyalties towards imparting training over everything else. “While the Krav Maga centre here helps feed my family, I consider my students as art of my extended family. I get personally involved with each and every one of my students and believe in helping them not only to train in Krav Maga but also to overcome traumas from past incidents, pain, fear and lack of fitness as the case maybe”. He is careful about picking and choosing his students, who are always eager to boast about their teacher’s support and encouragement, in as much as he takes them under his wing based on the level of dedication they bring to the table. Once there though, students receive his complete focus and support resulting them being groomed into disciplined warriors. He provides heavy discounts to students to help train in Krav Maga along with flexible affordable fee structure for adults.

Put the Practitioner in the Limelight

The Bangalore chapter of Krav Maga, was officially named “BadAzz Krav Maga Military Combat Academy”, with the launch of the website which was conceived, developed and designed by Guru Franklin Joseph. It recently conducted a “Blind Fold Survival” workshop which received rave reviews from those who attended it. When asked what the workshop taught them, the students replied in unison, “to keep fighting, never give up and prevail under any circumstances” with Guru Franklin Joseph smiling in pride.

Final words from Guru Franklin Joseph says “I will rather have 10 dedicated Krav Maga practitioners, learning full contact dirty survival skills with safety as the first priority rather than having a class full of 100 students learning bull-shit Mujra (Cabaret) moves in the name of martial arts, black belt degree or instant certificates.”

Women / Girl Child Safety Awareness and Empowerment

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