Event Feedback : 6-7 July 2013: Dandeli Boot Camp

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6-7 July 2013: Dandeli BadAzz Krav Maga Boot Camp

Organised by: BadAzz Krav Maga Military Combat Academy
Conducted by: Guru Franklin Joseph

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Feedback from Shashank Shetty

Shashank PicThis was a boot camp I just could not miss mainly because I had missed the previous two and was regretting it. I was all geared up for Dandeli for the amazing place it is especially during the rainy seasons and it surely did not disappoint. The last thing I wanted is an injury before the camp which would ruin my training and foolishly enough that’s what I got, a stupid gym workout led to a sore muscle which almost made me miss the entire camp. Had to pop in all kinds of muscle relaxers and an injection to even make it to this camp let alone train. So there it was no training just me going to the camp and watch the others sweat it out.

Dandeli Boot Camp July 2013The camp was fun right from the time we started from Bangalore from our train. We had the first taste of the nightmares we were going to face- Swanand’s songs! The stay was organized at Milind’s and as usual amazing food throughout our stay. The first day we headed out kayaking and rafting, something I could do because it mainly involved only your upper body. It was an amazing session of kayaking we went out and did close to 40 minutes of it and everyone around were toppling, climbing back and also getting lost.

Dandeli Boot Camp July 2013This was accompanied by swimming for some more time and the most awaited Rafting but only around the first rapid. I had done this before everything was the same nothing new until probably the raft just decided to overturn throwing us all out of the raft. For the next 10 seconds none of us knew where we were, the water just drifted us to different corners of the river. Here was the first glimpse of Frank Sir’s training which was shown to us by none other than Krystal. The raft was on her and I got the first look at her when she was being rescued and there was absolutely no panic under so much stress which I feel all of us are training to achieve. The rest of the group was scattered all over the surrounding 100 meters. The rafting was followed by an immediate no T shirt training session for which I was annoyingly a mere spectator.

Dandeli Boot Camp July 2013An amazing training session of rolling, crawling, jumping and climbing was followed by customary bruises, all of which I missed. We headed back home and was followed by lunch and the island visit was up next. The island visit had beautiful backgrounds with a not so beautiful us. The training session was intense here at least to look at because again I was a mere spectator and was cursing myself for it. It included a lot of running and training in the water was difficult but fun. We had a photo shoot for some time and returned back home. It was an incredible day, filled with action, drama and loads of fun. The night we got words from Sir which always inspires us and makes us come back week in and week out.