About BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Combat Academy

Brief Introduction

Welcome to our BadAzz Krav Maga Military Combat Academy. We teach Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense and Special Tactics on Weapons.

Any Self Defense Academy has two sides. One is training provided by the instructor and another are the practitioners who pay, sweat and bleed to receive that training.

I believe by paying my monthly fees, you are a person that feeds my family and that is a very blessed position. 🙂 Since you are a part of my extended family, it’s my duty to teach you as honestly as possible showcasing the reality of what facing crime will bring.

Meet our instructor Guru Franklin Joseph

The Bangalore chapter of Krav Maga was started in November, 2007. Since the club did not had any official name, it was named ‘BadAzz’ by Guru Franklin Joseph.

The story of its founder, Guru Franklin Joseph, is in itself a representation of the core principles of Krav Maga which is to always fight, never give up and to prevail notwithstanding stress and setbacks.

Guru Franklin Joseph began training under the tutelage of Sir Vicky Kapoor, since 2004 which was when Krav Maga was first introduced in India. During a full combat training in a Krav Maga workshop, Sir Frank sustained fractures to his chest and his knees forcing him to rest and recover. At the same time, due to downsizing in the company he was employed with, Sir Frank had to leave on account of his injuries. Numerous parallel setbacks at home in the form of Sir Frank’s mother’s demise and father’s head injury due to an accident had made things worse. Having become immobile due to his injuries, Sir Frank’s recovery was made possible due to close friends who took care of him in his hour of need.

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