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quotesCriminals don't follow rules of Martial Arts, nor allow you to execute tricks or spare you afterwards. We train in Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense, Knife & Ninja Kubaton Combat skills & deal with Fear, Stress, Panic, Shock, Surprise w/o Multiple attackers, insecurity of lack of Strength, Fitness level etc. Our target is 60% Psychological Combat Readiness & 40% Military Realistic-Scenario based Progressive Tough Training, as angry people or criminals rarely attack how it's taught in any self defense courses. Indians... Let's Change India. Jai Hind.quotes
Specialist Dr.Safety
CEO | Specialist on Street Crime, Violence, Corporate Sexual Harassment & Child / Women Sexual Abuse | Social Entrepreneur | Practicing Krav-Maga Self Defense since 2003 | Researcher on Abuse since 1986 | Violence & Abuse Survivor since 4 years old
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Morning : Curley Street, Richmond Town Evening : New BEL Road, M. S. Ramaiah Afternoon : Kormangala (Soon)
Monthly Fees : Rs 3800 (Sat. or Sun. 12-16 hrs/month) or Rs 4300 (Sat. & Sun. 27 hrs/month) + One Time Reg. Fee. Rs 1500
Uniform : Rs 2200. Test Fee : Rs 999. Workshops : Rs 999. No Hidden Costs. Who can Join? Trial Class? Why Us?
  • Shamal Mohamed Akmal
    quotes No bullshit! Challenging, brutal just like the world outside. Training is intense. Inspiring. Authentic. Raw. Frank Sir Rocks! quotes
    Shamal Mohamed – IT Industry
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    BadAzz Combat AcademyX

    MORNINGSat 9 AM -12 PM | Sun 8 AM -12 PM

    EVENINGSat 6 PM - 9 PM | Sun 6 PM - 9 PM

    ADDRESSMORNING : ULSOOR LAKEHouse "CAMROSE" 37/4, Tank-Kensington Road, Opp. FotoFlash & near Lakeview Fruit Shop, Ulsoor Lake.

    ADDRESSEVENING : M.S. RAMAIAH HOSPITAL209, c/o Fussion Dance Studio, New BEL Road, M. S. Ramaiah Hospital, Next to McDonald & Fastrack.

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    CALL or EMAIL+91.9886769281


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  • 9886769281
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