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Photo : Franklin Joseph - Specialist in Women Safety, Women Self Defense and Women Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse
Known Men or Criminals don't follow rules of Martial Arts, nor allow you to execute tricks or spare you afterwards. To prevent, avoid & escape crime, we train in BadAzz Krav-Maga Self-Defense, Ninja Kubaton Pressure Point Stick & Knife Combat skills. Our target is 60% Psychological Combat Readiness & 40% Realistic-Scenario based Progressive Tough Training, as angry men or criminals rarely attack the way it's taught, in any self defense course. To get what they want easy, criminals use tools - our Fear, Stress of a Surprise Attack, Panic under Fatigue, Freezing under Shock of Violence, Unpredictability of Multiple attackers / Weapons, Insecurity of lack of Size or Strength, Low Fitness level, Non-Violent Attitude etc. Let's turn our weakness into strength - our new tool to protect us. Let's Empower India with a new approach. Jai Hind.
Safety Specialist Franklin Joseph 'Dr. Safety'
CEO, Founder : Indian Institute of Special Tactics and Combat Science -
CEO, Founder : BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Academy, Bangalore -
CEO, Founder : Safety Workshops & Psychological Empowerment vs Crime, Harassment & Abuse
Social Entrepreneur | 2003 : Krav-Maga Practitioner | 1986 : Started Research on Violence & Sexual Abuse | Incorporates knowledge of surviving 25 years of No-rules based Violence & Sexual Abuse | Media : Times of India, Hindustan Times, Bangalore Mirror, Indian Express, NDTV, CNN-Ibn, TimesNow, TV9 etc.
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I am too old or too young and not fit at all. Can I join a gym, get stronger, fitter and then join you?

Badazz Krav Maga Self Defense training for all age“Hey Doctor, I will come to you when I get well, don’t want to meet you when I am sick!!!!”  We seek help when we need help…

Myth of self defence is that people associate fitness with self defence especially after movie stars who are fit and perform stunts you like. Self Defence is not about competing in stamina or comparing fitness skills with the criminals. Real life is not a stunt from a movie! A rabbit vs. tiger. Rabbit does not dream of becoming as strong as a tiger to prevent being on the menu. It uses what it has – its small size – to help it survive. A tiger is unsuccessful 80% of the time; he tries to hunt these small animals.

You are joining Franklin Joseph’s BadAzz Krav-Maga Self-Defence Academy to learn how to deal with crime and one part of that is building or improving your combat fitness level to help deal with a threat, no matter what your current fitness level is. Combat fitness focuses on how you move rather than training specific muscle groups like weight-training. Your present fitness level, size, strength, age & background have little significance when dealing with a crime situation; however it is NOT a necessity to help you survive. Even, if you are a strong and big person, the criminals or bad elements can have weapons like knife, sword or gun or have multiple attackers to cheat and win over you. Even if you can overpower him/them today, the bad guys will be waiting for a chance tomorrow to attack you when you are NOT ready or create problems for you or your family or your loved ones.

BadAzz Krav Maga Goa Boot Camp - Outdoor Training“Under Indian Institute of Special Tactics and Special Science, I have created modules to help enhance your combat fitness level through combative building techniques like calisthenics (push ups, crunches, squats etc.) along with combat strength and pain conditioning techniques using tyres, ropes etc. Like any sports, your body will have to learn to take pain of a workout, practice and improve every time you learn more in the class. Along with physical aspects, you will also learn how to reprogramme your brain to help you analyse, prevent, avoid and diffuse most of the threats even before they start getting violent, if you know what signs to look for and how to calm the situation down. Remember, my self-defence modules consist of Psychological Combat Readiness, Situational Awareness, Military Realistic-Scenario based Progressive Tough Training & Combat Science to give you a fighting chance to survive against known as well as unknown attackers.” ~ Franklin Joseph Safety Specialist & CEO, Founder : Indian Institute of Special Tactics and Combat Science & BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Academy.

I do not understand crime. I am a good person; why do I need to learn this?

Krav Maga Bangalore Joker Knife Workshop“Bad people only attack bad people!”  Wish it was true…

Crime is very similar to another extreme emotion ‘love’. Love happens without warning, gives you shock of happiness and lovely surprise. Love happens without looking too much at your age, size, strength, fitness level. Love is never simple or basic and it always happens to you alone not collectively to your friend, family or neighbourhood!

“After many interviews & research, I know for the fact that criminals are looking for easy, good people to attack, as they are the least ready to deal with such situation and are least prepared to put up a fight. Criminals or bad people do not want to work hard, they want easy money or easy benefits, and thus they are looking for ‘perfect victims’ to help them achieve what they want.” ~ Franklin Joseph Safety Specialist & CEO, Founder : Indian Institute of Special Tactics and Combat Science & BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Academy.

I have never learnt martial arts before. Can I join or learn some martial arts and then learn self defence?

“Cancer specialist is not same as Heart Specialist just because they are both doctors”  Martial Arts & Self Defence training are two different specialisations from different worlds…

Martial arts will teach you many amazing things, but all of those will be bound by certain rules and regulations. Karate, Kick-boxing, Muay Thai, Kung-fu, Judo, Aikido, Wing Chun, Kalarippayattu, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Jeet Kune Do etc., have some great self defence training in them but the principles of these self defence tactics is not based on cheating and breaking rules of that martial arts.

Martial arts sparring or professional fighting matches are allowed at very senior or experienced level and focus mainly on enhancement or testing of the skill-set and will not be fought by a girl with a man, a young person with an old one and one with many opponents or with multiple weapons used in surprise attacks.

“Let me clear up by saying if we were to enter the world of martial arts or they were to come to ours, neither will survive. After a certain point the comparison between the two ceases to exist. Concepts, principles, preparation & execution, at every stage the two are very different. I meet so many victims of road rage, robbery & rape in my research and I gather information on what, where and how it happened. We specialize in one scope of subject – Crime, Violence, Harassment and Abuse. Criminals will not follow martial arts rules and regulations nor will they attack the way it’s taught in any class including mine. So to deal with the unpredictable person using surprise, shock, fear, insecurity, weapons, cramped spaces of car/bus (Click on Video on your left) or multiple threats as his/her tools, we need to go beyond mere tricks based on punches and kicks. In my experience, new recruits who join fresh without any martial arts background, show a faster learning curve as its easier for them to grasp the training without having to unlearn previous martial arts rules & regulations; nevertheless, having a prior knowledge of martial arts is advantageous too as it helps to understand the skill set in finer depth.” ~ Franklin Joseph Safety Specialist & CEO, Founder : Indian Institute of Special Tactics and Combat Science & BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Academy.

Is there something simple that I can learn; any basic tricks and tips for me in self defence?

BadAzz Krav Maga Regular with multiple attackers“Boss, can you rob me after a month, I just joined my class today!” “Don’t hit me so hard, I am sensitive!”  Words we cannot use in a crime situation…

Yes, Franklin Joseph’s BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defence training start from simple module but within the first hours of the session, we slowly expose to you what crime really is. Our aim is to get you ready enough after the first few hours of training. Concept of Crime itself is relatively simple or quite basic. A robber wants money. Terrorist wants to kill you. Rapist wants to degrade / destroy you. Criminals also are relatively simple to understand. They want an easy way out so they will cheat i.e., use weapons, use fear, use gang etc.

BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense training in difficult element - waterAll humans have basic survival instincts – flight or fight. Some run away from confrontation, and some fight: argument, slapping or even orthodox fists do fly irrespective of whether the two people know martial arts or not. Criminals don’t want to get into that. They just want their prize. So criminals use very strong negative emotions for examples: ‘shock’ – by using multiple attackers, ‘surprise’ – by using a knife or gun, ‘fear’ – by attacking in the darkness, ‘pain’ – by first hurting you with a sudden punch or slap, ‘Stress’ – by using small spaces like the inside of a car or a bus etc., where the basic idea is to put you off-guard and take advantage of your vulnerability or weakness and lack of knowledge on how to use your skill in such real-life situations.

Outdoor Special Tactical BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense session“When you are in a crime situation, it is never simple or limited to basic tricks. Your heart is pounding, you face fear and insecurity mixed with ego and pride. You are tensed about the situation maybe worried about the safety of the people with you. Under all such extreme emotions, you will forget all tricks and will remember your basic instinctive tactics. Crime can also change from one sphere of attack to another. For example: Sexual Harassment can turn into Robbery, Molestation can lead to Rape or Child Sexual Abuse can lead to Kidnapping etc. And the way it’s taught in any self defence class even mine, is that the criminal will never follow the same pattern or routine. In Indian Institute of Special Tactics and Combat Science, we have included psychological as well as physical modules to help prepare you deal with the ‘unpredictable’ way the threat might come. It might include ‘shock’, ‘surprise’, ‘fear’, ‘insecurity’, ‘pain’ etc; while enhancing your physical limitations of size, strength and fitness level to help prevent, avoid and escape a possible threat.” ~ Franklin Joseph Safety Specialist & CEO, Founder : Indian Institute of Special Tactics and Combat Science & BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Academy.

Are there any other children or women in the class? For company or making me comfortable; I don’t want to be alone?

Women training along with men in BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Training“Please attack me only when I am with my family” “We are in a group; please attack me not my friend!”  Wish we can share our trouble with others…

Psychological aspects of how extreme emotions like being alone, in fear or in pain, under stress, dealing with surprise & shock etc., affects your reaction time as well as your learned techniques is scientifically proven by various security, police, law enforcement and military units. That is why all of them have a backup or buddy system so one can not only watch the back of each other but if needed take extreme action to protect one another. It is also proven that being alone greatly increases the stress level thus making the person paranoid and prone to forget tactical procedure or make mistakes. Even if you are in a group, the other people might freeze in fear or succumb to insecurity and might not be as helpful to you as you want them to be. In most crimes with known or unknown attackers, the survivor has to face the attacker(s) alone.

Power to Women Psychological Empowerment Workshops by Franklin Joseph“In Indian Institute of Special Tactics and Combat Science, I constantly research on how mind affects the performance. I find that a mind that focuses even under stress & chaos is very effective in improving functionality and productivity. Keeping that in mind I have assigned a separate module in BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defence classes dedicated to help prepare you to deal with most threats ‘alone’ and when you are ‘uncomfortable’ with the subjects of the kind of crime that shows up. A leader stands alone and shows the path to others. My aim is to build or enhance your leadership qualities to overcome your fears and insecurities of being alone and lead the path to your safety as well as of the others involved. Even if I filled the class with women or children, you will face no threat as your threat would be most likely from a grown up man, so unless you practice with someone similar to your threat, how would you answer the question – Can I really get out if this guy attacks me?.” ~ Franklin Joseph Safety Specialist & CEO, Founder : Indian Institute of Special Tactics and Combat Science & BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Academy.

Other Krav Maga centres are cheaper, will you give me more discount?

“If you child or loved one is sick, you will buy the best and costly medicine, we assume it’s better in quality but in choosing self defense training center, some of us assume cheaper is better. Think about it, a specialist with more experience and knowledge will charge a little more, a novice newcomer instructor would charge less. Self Defense is not just about learning tricks, it’s a tool that might save your life or your family life. So if your life is dependent on it, would you choose a specialist who teaches much much more or a newcomer instructor who charges less due to his lack of experience or knowledge?

Through my institute and its four centers around Bangalore, I aim to be a little different from what other Krav-Maga Organisations are teaching by independently merging Combat Science of Psychological Combat Readiness along with various Krav Maga special tactics and techniques taught in various organisations. I charge according to my experience of learning Krav Maga techniques since 2004 along with a cocktail of my knowledge which I gained through being an underdog and having survived more than 30 years of street violence, abuse & crime untouched by martial arts. Another thing that I believe to be unique about my teaching it is not limited to theoretical study of the crime and criminal mindset as is the case with an average self-defence or martial arts instructor.

Being born in the slums of New Delhi, I lived and survived years of street combat by being part of a street gang and later a bouncer. Even though I was never involved in any criminal activities, I gained a vast amount of knowledge on how a criminal mind thinks which adds to the knowledge I impart to you. Speaking of discount, I have given enough discounts :) I believe in training and I hope people who join me are those who respect me for my experience, knowledge plus training methodology and are drawn by that and not by the discount I offer.” ~ Franklin Joseph Safety Specialist & CEO, Founder : Indian Institute of Special Tactics and Combat Science & BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Academy.

Do I need to purchase so many gears & uniform ?

“Practice is the only way your can survive a street crime not through self defense or martial arts tricks. Street crime will be real. The punches, kicks are attack would hurt like hell. To help you understand the pain and the effects of pain, these protection gears would help without actually harming the practitioner. It’s a one time investment lasting for years if you take care of them and each other in training.” ~ Franklin Joseph Safety Specialist & CEO, Founder : Indian Institute of Special Tactics and Combat Science & BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Academy.

What is special about your BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense institute?

Our Goal : To teach you how to prevent, avoid, execute and escape of an unpredictable event, which would be different from how its being taught in any class, with unpredictable number of known or unknown attackers with unpredictable weapons or under stress, shock, surprise or pain etc. occurring in an uncomfortable situation or confined space.

Our Mission : To make your weakness of size, strength, fitness level or age etc., one of your strengths along with the tactics of BadAzz Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense and skills of Ninja Kubtaon Pocket Size Wooden Stick, Knife Fighting & Collapsible Baton.

Our Flexibility : Since it a Reflex-Action Reality-Scenario based training, we only practice on weekends.

Multiple Centers : Choose any & train : Wilson Garden, BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Koramangala and New BEL road. Indranagar & Whitefield Coming Soon.

Cross Train : You are chosen to train in one center or multiple centers to help increase your practice.

Free Buffer : You are getting one week extra buffer time limit in your monthly package so you can skip one class or weekend and join back the next class.

Switch : If you miss your one session due to any reason, you can come to our other centers in its timings to continue your training.

~ Franklin Joseph Safety Specialist & CEO, Founder : Indian Institute of Special Tactics and Combat Science & BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense Academy.

Want a 75% discount in next monthly fee, get two of your friends enrolled in our four centers (Google Map) within two month.
Independent Warrior Certification Exams. Written, Oral and Tactical test cut off is 80%.
1st Semester exam after 18 Hours of training, after 36 Hours - 2nd Semester exam
Final Level Exam after 54 Hour, then move to next level.

Wear Round Neck T-Shirt, Shorts or Jog Pants. Bring Notebook and Pen & Extra Shoes.
Rs 999 Registration fees for all.
*** All fees are Paid in Advance & Non-Refundable. ***
Rs 99 for Trial session & if you like it, pay the advance fees only & join directly.
Joined but need 1 session due to travel month? Rs 399 for 2 hour or Rs 750 for 2 + 2 Hour session in any four centers (Google Map)
Get 75% off on registration fees if two females friends join together.
Get 50% off on every monthly fees for your youngest family member if you pay fees together.
Get 75% off on next monthly fees if you get two new people enrolled.
Get 50% off in Registration fees if two friends join together.
Get 50% off in Registration fees if you are a student in school or college with ID card.
Get 25% off one one monthly fees, if you are a migrating from other Krav Maga centers.
Get 10% off on next Monthly fees by social posting of class details with tags #KravMagaBangalore #FranklinJoseph.
Gears cost in NOT included in fees & can bought from Mr. Franklin Joseph ASAP.
Groin Guard, Mouth Guard & Gloves are compulsory for safety.
Uniform Cost : Rs 800 x 2 T-shirts. Semester Test Fee : Rs 300. Final Test Fee : Rs 1300.
Gears cost : Rs 300-3200. Workshops Fee : Rs 1300. No other Hidden Costs.



Franklin Joseph
BadAzz Krav-Maga Self-Defense Academy
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    Maturity & responsibility that Frank sir inculcates along with techniques truly makes Krav Maga, an attitude, a way of life!
    Ashok G. V. – Advocate
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